Hands-On Review:20/20bas™Biamplified System

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With the custom 20/20 transducer components and cabinet in hand, Frank and Walter set about creating an active, biamplified system. The goal: Put true world-class reference monitoring into the hands of musicians previously shut out by the high cost of those systems. What they came up with has since turned out to be the monitor of choice for recording professionals worldwide. Professionals, such as recording engineer extraordinaire Francis Buckley, who took the very first pair of 20/20bas and won a Grammy for the project he mixed on them.


The system's precision, easy-on-the-ears sound hasn't gone unnoticed by the music press either, who have been positively shameless with their flattery in 20/20bas reviews. Take this quote, for example, from Electronic Musician's October '97 roundup of powered reference monitors:


"If I was planning to buy a new system, my personal choice would be the Event 20/20bas."


Then they backed up their statement by awarding the 20/20bas the magazine's coveted 1997 Editor's Choice Award.


What is it that makes the 20/20bas sound so exceptional? To begin with, they're based on the 20/20 design, which in itself offers exceptional sound. Reaching the next level required designing an active asymmetrical fourth-order crossover-one with phase response so accurate that the resulting stereo imaging simply must be heard (make that seen) to be believed.


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"The stereo imaging (of the 20/20bas) was the best of the bunch-I was able to clearly hear the two and three-o'clock pans and the eight- and nine-o'clock pans, and these are often the hardest positions to discern in a mix." - Electronic Musician


Next came the custom 130W amplifier designed specifically for the woofer, followed by the 70W tweeter amp. (In case your math is a little rusty, that's 200 watts of ultra clean power per side). Finally, independent trim controls for each amplifier were implemented, making it easy to adjust the speakers' response to your particular monitoring environment.


The biamplified design of the 20/20bas means increased dynamic range. Higher SPL. Improved damping. Greater transient response. Lower intermodulation distortion. Smoother phase response. In short: The 20/20bas delivers exactly what you want in a reference monitor system: superbly clear, detailed, sound. Flat, uncolored, accurate frequency response. Precise imaging. Non-fatiguing to the ears. Fun. That's right, fun. When was the last time you sat down and really enjoyed listening to a reference monitor?