Hands-On Review:A radically user-friendly line of scintillating quality effects

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American DJ 4-head Intelligent Lighting EffectsAmerican DJ believes that more advanced technology should make your life easier, not more complex. Linked four-head lighting effects such as the Fab 4, Simple Scan, Color Flash 4, Saturn 4, and Luna 4 dramatically simplify the job of the DJ or club owner who wants dazzling lighting but lacks spare minutes or spare thousands to make it happen. With built-in sound-active chase patterns, these are all self-contained plug-and-play systems that require no setup beyond mounting the lights and plugging them in.


Dominance and precision

Each of these systems involves a master unit that contains pre-programmed instructions to operate it and three slave units in unison. Rather than expensive proprietary cabling, American DJ uses widely available XLR microphone cables (included with each system) for linkage. You simply link the units with the XLR cables, plug them in, and the system is ready to go. The Fab 4 uses a different setup with AC power cords plugging directly into the back of the master.


This simple setup lets you fill a large dance floor with mind-bending effects for one low cost. And rather than a hodgepodge of unrelated beams, you'll have a precision, integrated light show that looks like you spent long weeks and big bucks perfecting it.


Simple Scan- Click to EnlargeSimple Scan
For under half a G, the Simple Scan system provides you with true DMX programmability (using a separate DMX controller), four interchangeable gobos or colors per unit, a blackout function, and unique mirrors that each shoot four beams of light from one source. You'll be astounded by the intensity of 16 colorful gobos moving in sync with one another and the music. It's great for very large rooms.





Fab 4- Click to EnlargeFab 4
For DJs on a super-tight budget, the Fab 4 is an amazingly affordable and versatile system that really brings a room to life. 64 brilliantly colored beams of light dance around the room in perfect synchrony. Aside from normal manual operation you can also use an external DMX controller to call up one of 4 built-in chase programs or program your own light show. The master is fan-cooled and the whole system weighs only 40 pounds, perfect for the DJ on the road.




Color Flash 4, Saturn 4, and Luna 4- Click to EnlargeColor Flash 4, Saturn 4, and Luna 4


All of these economically friendly and cleverly designed systems feature blackout controllers and fan cooling. TheColor Flash 4 delivers 112 saturated sharp halogen beams of light from individual lenses. Built-in strobes facilitate three sound-activated looks: strobe, solid beam, and combination. The Saturn 4 shoots sharp white beams of static light from 6 lenses that cover a large area. And the Luna 4 is a powerful array of multicolored moonflowers that produce a dizzying, multichromatic miasma of light.