Hands-On Review:Beato Drum Bags

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Beato Drum Bags

Beato's beat goes on

By David Chenery

It's easy to take drum cases for granted, but if you do, you're making a mistake. A well-designed set of gig bags will protect your valuable instruments and makes moving your gear less stressful. Soft drum bags take up less space than hard cases, and won't damage your car's interior. Anything that protects your investments and makes the work of loading in and out of a gig a little easier is a good thing. And with Beato drum bags, you're getting the best there is.


From Cuba with love

Fred Beato arrived in Florida from Cuba in the '60s as a 10-year old. He fell in love with the drums when he experienced the British Invasion at age 12. After moving to California as a teen, he put together a band and played all through high school and college. He began to make percussion accessories when he couldn't find them on the market; the company began with the introduction of a drum rug called the Rug Caddy. His drum gloves were a big hit in the '80s. Through the friendship and encouragement of industry legends likeBob Yeager (Professional Drum Shop, Hollywood, CA), Joe Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, and Louis Bellson, Beato was given a big boost in putting his company on the percussion products map. Beato popularized the soft-sided bag and the rest is history.


Fred isn't shy about expressing how he feels about his adopted country. "I love America! What other country on the planet opens it's arms and welcomes you to freedom when you have nothing to offer and everything to gain? America! People should be more in tune and start protecting and cherishing this country because there is nothing else like it."


Ironically, Fred began making drum bags with the hope that having a hit retail product would boost his popularity as a pro drummer. The demands of keeping his company competitive through constant innovation while controlling costs to keep prices for his American made products competitive with bags made overseas in third-world countries using sweatshop labor drew him farther away from his love of performing.


However, things have come full circle after 20 years and Beato is second to none. Fred is just now finding the time to devote to drumming again. Fred's new group 401K the band, are releasing their new CD in December. His friend and endorsee Rafael Padilla, master percussionist, performer, and recording artist, appears on the record.


Many of today's top names in drumming are Beato endorsees, including Dennis Chambers, Peter Erskine, Steve Gadd, Greg Bissonette, Tris Imboden, and Tico Torres to name a few. Beato bags have just been named the official gig bags of the Hard Rock Cafe Live Concert series.


Pro 1 series: doing drum bags right

The Pro 1 series was the first line of bags made by Fred Beato and they've got all the right stuff. The construction is a "triple sandwich" design. The shiny Tolex exterior is water-and-fire resistant and super durable. The middle layer contains 5/8" of high-density foam padding. Heavy-duty nail rivets are used, and the seams are woven with BT92 nylon thread, the strongest available. The interior layer is soft black fleece that won't scuff your drum's finish. The straps use heavy, military-grade webbing. Zippers are heavy-duty 8 c.f. YKKs. Beato bags have a lifetime guarantee on all straps, zippers, and handles.


The bags are also available with a canvas-like curdura exterior, as the curdura deluxe and curdura series. The Deluxe series include handy shoulder straps.


Club Bags: what a concept!
Beato is producing the Pro 1 Club Bag Set exclusively for Musician's Friend. You can haul an entire 5-piece drum set around in just 3 bags. The set consists of a bass drum bag, a hardware bag, and a large Club bag that packs the floor tom, 2 rack toms, and snare in one large, cylindrical tube. Soft, round removable dividers separate the drums. Beato has recently introduced Double Tom Bag and Triple Tom Club Bag models, which hold 2 and 3 toms respectively.


Individual Pro 1 Padded tom, floor tom, snare, and bass bags are also available. Drummers with larger kits can start with a basic Club bag set and then expand it easily with the appropriate bags.



Beato's got a brand new bag
In fact he's recently introduced many great new designs and accessories, including conga and djembe bags for the hand percussionist. Innovative new products include The Drum Set Dust Cover, a Curdura Pedal Bag for your kick pedal, and the Bumper Pad, that keeps your drums from knocking into each other.


Next year Beato will reissue a new version of his first product, the Drummer's Rug Caddy. Beato continues to expand his extensive line of covers for orchestral percussion which he OEM's for leading manufacturers as well as his own label.


In 2003, Beato collaborated with Steve Fisher and Dave Garza of Roland to design a complete line of electronic drum bags manufactured by Beato.

Also, Beato designed with Musician's Friend gig bags for the SPD-6, SPD-20, handsonic bags, and more. We've got Beato's DT Express and DT Extreme bags, too, for hauling your kit in style.


Beato bags are incredibly tough, economical, good-looking, and are 100% made in the USA. Order a set today - they're the best way to protect and transport your gear, and you'll be supporting an all-American company that does business right.


Features & Specs


Pro 1 SeriesPro 1 Series Club Bag Set
  • 3-ply sandwich construction
  • Heavy-duty black Tolex exterior
  • 5/8" high-density foam
  • 8 c.f. YKK zipper
  • Black nylon webbing
  • Heavy black fleece interior
  • Club Bag: holds up to 16" x 16" floor tom, 12" x 9" ride tom, 13" x 11" ride tom, and 5-1/2" x 14" snare.
  • 22" x 18" bass drum bag
  • 33" x 10" hardware bag
Pro 1 Series Double Tom Bag
(Holds 2 toms)
Pro 1 Series Triple Tom Bag
(Holds 3 toms)
Pro 1 Series Tom BagPro 1 Series Snare Bag
  • Available in 8" x 8" thru 18" x 19" and all sizes in between
  • Available in 3" x 10" thru 8" x 16" and all sizes in between.
Pro 1 Series Bass Drum Bag
  • Available in =8" x 20" thru 20" x 26" and all sizes in between




Musician's Friend carries the Beato Pro 1 Club Bag Set and the whole line of Beato bags and percussion accessories at the lowest price anywhere, guaranteed. Beato drum bags are the best in the business- pick up a set today!