Hands-On Review:Behringer TRUTH Studio Monitors and energyXT2.5 DAW Software

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By Fred Cockfield
Senior Copywriter, BEHRINGER North America

Ribbon tweeters bring a level of accuracy and sophistication to studio monitors that was previously unattainable. They provide exceptionally wide horizontal dispersion, while holding vertical dispersion extremely tight. And since our tweeter diaphragm is virtually weightless, it reacts instantaneously to changes in the HF content. Now, not only do you hear the flute, you hear the breath flowing through it … You hear wind chimes bounce off each other …

Make your monitors work for you

Since all rooms are not created the same, TRUTH monitors come equipped to match the low- and high-frequency characteristics of your environment. This is especially handy when placing monitors against walls, which enhances low-frequency content, and in corners, which exaggerates bass even more. Although some studio monitors have a highly focused “sweet spot,” our wave-guide is designed to create a more generous listening zone. And TRUTH monitors won’t induce “ear-fatigue,” even during those all-night mix-down sessions. These monitors provide such ruler-flat response that each one ships with a calibration certificate to prove it.

More bang for your buck

Hearing the TRUTH will make you a believer. From the “bulletproof” bass of its Kevlar woofer to the silky top-end of its ribbon transducer, we think you’ll agree that nothing in this class outperforms BEHRINGER B3030A and B3031A monitors.

XT software’s energyXT2.5

Do we really need another recording program? Yes, when it’s this unique! Imagine a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that opens in mere seconds from a thumb drive that can be moved from one computer to another, without having to be installed—that’s energyXT2.5! A compact, easy to learn and use “studio-on-the-go,” you can take energyXT2.5 and project files to a friend’s house, or to a professional studio on the included USB drive. With its top-quality sound and speed, energyXT2.5 lets you Create Music Now!

Easy to use and everything you need

BEHRINGER energyXT2.5 & energyXT2.5 Plus

No huge manual here, thanks to energyXT2.5’s easy-to-understand interface and simple drag-and-drop clip manipulation. With energyXT2.5, you get all the tools to make music without the hassle and steep learning curve associated with most recording software packages.


energyXT2.5 allows you to record instruments and vocals directly to your computer. You can then copy and paste tracks, as well as edit, add effects, and mix them to your heart’s content with stunningly professional results. Delay, reverb, phaser, and chorus effects are built right into energyXT2.5, so you don’t need racks of outboard gear to sweeten your tracks. In addition to all of these user-addressable effects, energyXT2.5 is brimming with tonal enhancement, including a four-band EQ on every channel. energyXT2.5 makes it easy to take your music from a simple concept to a high-quality, finished masterpiece you can play, share, and upload to your favorite music site.

Sequencer & mixer

energyXT2.5’s built-in sequencer has everything you’d expect for audio recording including multiple track types, drum loops, and clip-based automation of mixer/EQ and VST plug-ins. It also has unique features such as a dedicated drum-machine track, per audio clip resample, elastic time-stretching, and modeless editing for lightning-fast workflow.


Most settings in the main mixer can be automated from the sequencer, including volume, pan, mute, EQ, and effect parameters. And there are no limits to how many insert and send effects you can use in a project, other than the limitations of your CPU.

energyXT2.5 Plus kicks it up a notch …

Use energyXT2.5 Plus as the fastest-launching master solution for your favorite ReWire software, with super-flexible audio and MIDI routing of ReWire instruments, support for multichannel audio, and up to 128 MIDI to bus/channel mapping.


energyXT2.5 provides serious tools for serious artists. Visit the energyXT website today to test drive the demo.

Features & Specs


B3030A/B3031A TRUTH Monitors

  • Built-in 150W and 75W power amplifiers (75W and 35W for B3030A) with enormous power reserve
  • Ultrahigh resolution, 2" velocity ribbon transducer
  • Long-throw Kevlar cone 8.75" woofer (6.75" for B3030A)
  • Magnetic shielding allows placement near computer monitors


  • Ultraportable music production/recording software for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Complete “Studio-On-The-Go”—take the fully portable energyXT2.5 and all your songs with you on the included USB flash drive
  • Onboard FX processors for EQ, reverb, chorus, and more
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop operation

energyXT2.5 Plus

  • All the features of energyXT2.5, plus:
    • eWire-Energizer function support
    • 2GB extra-high-speed USB flash drive included