Hands-On Review:Crate GFX-50 TwoTone Guitar Amp

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Two perfect amps in one powerful package


It's hard to believe this amp was originally designed for guitar teachers. Sure, its dual inputs neatly accommodate both student and teacher’s electric guitars. But its power, amazing onboard effects, and sound-shaping capabilities make it a perfect performance amp.


In terms of performance perfection, for most players the perfect amp has to be loud. For others, the ideal amp must be totally flexible. It must be as reliable as an electric bill. It must be small enough to carry to practice, big enough for gigs, and contain great effects and a dynamo pre-amp. It must offer superior digital sounds and warm tube-emulating tone. It must be easy to operate. It can’t cost more than a car. And it would be great if it had an extra input so another guitarist could plug in through his own channel. The GFX-50TTdoes it all.

Crate GFX-50

Portable powerhouse

The GFX-50TTcovers all the essentials in grand style. First, its 50W solid state amp is loud enough to blast a big room. ( If you’re playing a stadium, you’ll want to mic this amp and play through the PA.) Its 12" Crate Custom speaker with a 1.5" voice coil and 30 oz. magnet handles bottom-end growls, creamy mids, and howling blues leads with the greatest of ease. There’s a lot of sonic power in this portable 19.5" x 19" high package. It weighs only 28 lbs., so you can carry it to gigs without breaking your back.

Onboard pre-amp & effects

The perfect amp must have effects, and the GFX-50TT’s DSP section is loaded with all the essentials. Designed by guitarists for guitarists, the effects include slapback delay, long delay with regeneration, heavy flange, slow chorus, fast chorus, chorus with reverb, small room reverb, and large room reverb. You can also apply multiple effects to a single channel for an infinite array of sounds. The FlexWave Evolution Five pre-amp puts amazing tube-emulated tones at your fingertips. Two-channel operation takes you from crystal clean to mammoth metal overdrive in an instant. You dial in the degree of dirty punch you need. All the sounds are right in the amp. And the front-panel controls make it easy to create the perfect tone for you. No stomp boxes, rack gear, or snake pit of tangled cables necessary.

Two can play simultaneously!

Ever wish you had an extra input for impromptu jam sessions? This unique dual-input amp has the answer. Designed with two fully-functional independent channels, the GFX-50 TwoToneis virtually two amplifiers in one. Each input has a control panel with its own Flexwave EV Five (tube-simulating) pre-amp, master level, 3- band EQ, and built-in digital effects. Two guitarists can plug in and play, each with independent tone.


This dual-input capability is perfect for students playing along with teachers, band practices, and live performances where only one amp can be used. Convenient RCA inputs with a level control make it easy to plug in and play along with a compact disc, tape, or drum machine. There are also dual headphone inputs for silent practice and jamming.


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Front-panel sound control

Front-panel switches make it easy to get the best possible sonic performance in any situation. An active/piezo switch optimizes your instrument’s pickups. Your acoustic sound is warm and natural, and your electric signals are fully amplified and ready for wild-side adventure.


The gain control can be easily adjusted for down-and-out blues tone or hard-core, seething solos. Just tweak it one way or the other, and you’ll find your sound. The Peak LED flashes with peak signal levels, so you know when you’re at the limit (which is the best place for some of us to be). Peak LED control adjusts the level of low-frequency response on Channel A. When playing at extreme volume levels, you might want to back this control down just a little, as it tends to get a bit aggressive for the weak of heart. The contour control can also be tweaked to produce some awesome tones. From bluesy crunch to full-tilt hard rock rhythm, they are all just a contour- knob turn away. A built-in 3-band EQ provides complete sound-shaping capabilities with controls for bass (28dB range @ 40Hz), mid (20dB range @ 1.5kHz), and treble (27dB range @ 12kHz).

Equipped for stage or studio

Experimenting with a combination of the amp’s contour, gain, and volume controls long with your guitar’s volume/ tone controls can produce a vast landscape of incredible sounds. Check it out. You’ll be surprised how much you can do on the fly.


The Crate GFX-50TTcomes with all the appointments you’d expect from a perfect amp. Effects loop, external speaker jack, dual effects send, and more. This amp is fully-equipped for stage or studio.

Made in the USA

Like all Crate amps, the GFX-50TT is musician- made in the USA, using only the best components. It comes with a five-year transferable warranty on electronics and a two-year transferable warranty on speakers. It is tested by musicians and technicians to make sure that it is absolutely perfect. And with plenty of power and incredible sound shaping, this amp is about as close to perfect as you get. What could be better? Musician’s Friend’s low price, fast delivery, and friendly service! And there’s always Platinum Card financing to make it even easier. Ordertoday and get a great deal on a perfect amp.

GFX-50 Features:


  • 2 guitar inputs
  • Output: 50W RMS
  • 2-channel: clean/overdrive
  • Digital effects: reverbs, delay, flange, chorus, and multi-effects
  • Tone controls: Bass: 28dB range @ 40Hz Mid: 20dB range @ 1.5kHz Treble: 27dB range @ 12kHz
  • CD inputs
  • 2 headphone inputs
  • Effects loop
  • External speaker jack
  • Dual effects send
  • 12" Crate Custom speaker
  • 1.5" voice coil
  • 19" H x 19.375" W x 9.5" D
  • 28 lbs.
  • 5-year warranty on electronics
  • 2-year warranty on speakers
  • Black Tolex ® covering