Hands-On Review:Digital Recording Studio

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Boss BR-8The World’s Friendliest Digital Studio

Don’t worry. This one won’t bite. The BR-8 is nice and easy to use  right out of the box. And it packs a powerful 8-track digital punch. In  fact, it offers many of the same technologies as the more expensive  desktop digital studios, including 64 virtual tracks, COSM effects  processing, and true random access operation (cut, paste, move, undo,  etc.). That’s a lot of studio for a friendly price.

The world’s first digital 8-track designed for guitar players

The BR-8 combines Boss’ many years of guitar effects experience with Roland’s  acclaimed V-technology to create a digital dream studio for guitarists.  Features like a dedicated Hi-Z input and built-in chromatic tuner are  designed specifically for guitar. A rhythm guide provides back-up with  selectable patterns in rock, jazz, hip-hop, techno, and many other  styles. A phrase trainer slows recordings to half-speed without changing  the pitch, making it easier to learn guitar licks. The simplified user  interface, convenient removable 100MB Zip disks, and special processing  and modeling features make this an ideal studio/workstation for every  musician.

No experience necessary

The BR-8 is so easy to operate, you can make great recordings without even  opening the manual. There are no input mixers, recording busses, or  signal routing that winds up in Timbuktu. Recording your first  multi-track with the BR-8 is a three-step process: connect your guitar  to the BR-8, arm the track, and push record. The BR-8 can even select  the optimum effect algorithm for any instrument plugged into any input.  Push the effect button, and you’re there. Need a backup? Turn the rhythm  guide on, pick a pattern, and cut your first demo. It’s that easy.

Studio effects with COSM modeling

Effects work great with any source: mics, guitars, keyboards, bass –  you name it. Up to ten effects can be used simultaneously, including  some great guitar and bass amp models. The BR-8’s loop effects can  produce everything from lush reverb to jet-stream flange, shimmering  chorus, and deep delay. There’s even an individual digital EQ on each  track. The BR-8 records two tracks simultaneously and plays back up to  eight tracks at once. If you’re into numbers, the BR-8 has them: inside  there’s a 24-bit internal processor, 44.1kHz CD-quality sample rate,  20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, and a portable 6 lb., 10 oz. weight.

The BR-8 bottom line

If you play guitar and want to make your own CD-quality recordings but don’t need a big-time digital studio, the BR-8 is for you. If you’re a musician who wants to get in on the digital  recording party but you’re intimidated by technological mumbo-jumbo, the  BR-8 is for you. It brings strong digital recording capabilities into  your home. It’s fun and easy to use. And thanks to Musician’s Friend,  the BR-8 is available at the best price you’ll find anywhere.

BR-8 Digital 8-Track Studio

A smart, friendly, and super-affordable 8-track studio! The new BR-8 is the result of combining the Boss expertise in creating user-friendly  modules and Roland’s acclaimed V-studio technology. It is extremely  simple to operate. It features an icon-based graphic LCD interface that  makes negotiating menus easy and intuitive. No routing is required. The  BR-8 will select effect algorithms for you that best suit the particular  instrument being recorded. It records up to two tracks simultaneously,  plays back all eight at once, and the sound quality you get in your  finished recordings will be highly rewarding. It is especially guitar  player friendly, with its dedicated input, built-in tuner, and  COSM-based amp simulations. Just plug in direct and get great tone.

Features & Specs:


  • Features a dedicated guitar input
  • Uses low-cost, removable 100MB Zip disks
  • Self-contained 8-track digital recording studio with 64 Virtual Tracks
  • Zip® drive for recording to convenient, inexpensive 100MB Zip disks
  • Simplified user interface with graphic LCD makes digital recording very easy
  • Diverse effects including COSM guitar and bass amp models and acoustic/bass guitar simulators
  • Innovative Rhythm Guide with various built-in patterns for building a rhythm track
  • Built-in chromatic tuner and dedicated Hi-Z guitar input
  • Phrase Trainer slows down recordings to half-speed for learning guitar licks
  • Optical digital output for connecting to digital devices such as DAT or MD