Hands-On Review:Drum or Bass?


Dennis Chambers:

Drum or Bass?


The Chambers Groove


Dennis Chambers:
"It was the mid-1980's and a memorable episode of Saturday Night Live. George Clinton and P-Funk crowded the stage and pandemonium hit. Despite the gregarious leader and costumed dancers, all eyes focused on Dennis Chambers. When Dennis Chambers took a pass around the toms, the speed was frightening, the articulation impeccable. Only your heart missed a beat. " (From the Latin Percussion website)



Some 15 years later and most drummer's hearts still miss a beat when Dennis Chambers plays. A phenomenal technician, with amazing ambidexterity, power and precision, Chambers is a soft spoken musician whose credits belie his mellow persona. In addition to his mighty P-Funk heritage, Chambers has worked and recorded with the greatest musicians in jazz, funk and beyond, including Mike Stern, Bob Berg, the Brecker Brothers, Steely Dan, George Duke, John Scofield, and John McLaughlin. And the drumming media has taken notice, awarding Chambers with cover features in Britain's Rhythm magazine, France's Batteur, and America's Modern Drummer.



Chambers' latest album with power trio Niacin (with bassist Billy Sheehan and organist John Novello) shows his impeccable groove of doom to full force, and incorporating his new Zildjian cymbal design, the Crash of Doom. Throughout, Chambers' explosive technique is anchored by power soul grooves and his seamless time keeping. Dennis Chambers only seems to get better, whether playing the drums, the cymbals, or the bass......