Tech Tip:Effect Pedals - Lead guitar

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JM Wray


Q: What are some of the coolest effects pedals for playing lead and rhythm guitar?


A: There are many pedals to choose from but the most popular are:

For lead guitar enhancement a Distortion pedal is great, this pedal gives the real rock fuzz sound to your amp and is most effective when used on an amp that has a clean tone. An Overdrive pedal gives you a volume boost as well as extra sustain and crunch. This pedal is a great lead enhancement and works best with an amp that has some distortion to start with.


For rhythm texture a Chorus pedal is cool, this gives you a soft wave that fattens up your sound. I like to use this pedal when playing a soft picking section but many guitarists use it for their overall sound. Reverb simulates the sound you would get if you were playing in a big room or auditorium even if you're playing in your bedroom!! The Delay pedal creates an echo effect, this can be varied in length and repetitions of echo and will give you many variations to play around with.


As far as brands, there are so many, check out different ones at your local music store and see what makes you smile. Everyone has different visions of the ultimate sound.


Hope this helps!

Yours in Music,
John McCarthy
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