Hands-On Review:Event Tria™ Triamplified Workstation Monitoring System

Building on the technological  innovations that arose from the 20/20bas development, our intrepid  engineers set out to create an active monitoring system that would be a perfect  complement to the digital audio workstation environment. Requirements: small  footprint, reference-quality frequency response, non-fatiguing to the ears over  long periods of use, magnetic shielding, and adaptable to a variety of setup  configurations. Enter the Tria Triamplified Workstation Monitoring System.

Back panel of a Tria satellite speaker

This integrated three-piece  system comprises three parts: a floor-mounted 8" mineral-filled polypropylene  cone VLF (Very Low Frequency) driver housed in a station that is also home to  five separate power amplifiers, three active crossovers, and a full set of calibrated  trim and level controls; two biamplified satellite speakers, each with a 5-1/4"  polypropylene cone driver and 1" natural silk dome neodymium high frequency  driver.


Despite their small size,  the Tria satellites reproduce frequencies down to 55Hz, allowing the listener  to experience full-range, accurate sound when positioned in the direct field  (that is, sitting in front of a computer screen). The satellites feature tilt  stands, which not only place the user directly in the drivers' on-axis response,  but also help reduce undesirable acoustic reflections off of the work surface.

Back panel of the Tria VLF Station

With the addition of the  included VLF station, overall system response reaches down to 35Hz. Unlike traditional  subwoofers, the VLF driver has its crossover point down at 60Hz, for greater  flexibility in positioning the VLF cabinet. (Sound waves at or below that frequency  cannot be localized, allowing the VLF station to be placed almost anywhere within  the control room.) Together, the satellites and VLF provide full bandwidth audio  reproduction that is as accurate, precise, and pleasing to the ears as our award-winning  20/20bas system.

Specifications  subject to change without notice.
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