Hands-On Review:Furman S-5500

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Power protection, sequencing, and noise filtration for your recording gear

By Christos Desalernos
Furman Domestic Sales Manager


Today’s recording technology—whether intended for a compact Digital  Audio Workstation (DAW) or a full-scale recording studio—is more  advanced and powerful than ever. Thanks to the ever-expanding list of  affordable digital-based recording gear, an aspiring musician with some  care and creativity can assemble a professional-sounding mix. Whether  we’re talking about the most seasoned audio professional or an amateur  recording engineer, AC power quality can make the difference between a  great session and disaster.


While the technologies in today’s computers, digital mixers, signal  processors, and A/D converters are incredibly advanced, they are all fed  from an AC power grid designed over 100 years ago! Digital audio relies  on microprocessing circuits that are easily damaged. Digital errors,  lost tracks, lock-ups, clicks, and pops in your signal, and decreased  resolution are just some of the problems that result from AC voltage  transients and noise. The worst? Destroyed gear!


Furman has long been the most trusted name for power protection and  filtration in pro audio, providing professional-level protection from  spikes, surges, and dangerous voltage conditions, while also providing  filtering solutions that block AC line noise from reaching the signal  path. For most pro audio professionals, Furman is a necessary part of  any recording setup.


Furman S-5500 Sequencing Power Conditioner
Furman S-5500 Sequencing Power Conditioner

The Furman S-5500 is an 11-outlet power conditioner that provides a wide range of  features to ensure optimal performance from connected equipment and  provide convenience to the user.


  • Standard Level Surge Protection: Limits voltage spikes and  surges to a safe level. In the case of a catastrophic surge (such as a  lightning strike), the S-5500’s Catastrophic AC Surge Protection will disconnect your equipment in order to protect it.
  • Standard Level Noise Filtration: Blocks unwanted electromagnetic and  radio-frequency interference from being introduced into the audio/video  signal. The AC filter’s noise attenuation can be as much as 90dB in a  frequency range of 100kHz to 2MHz.
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown: EVS protects against dangerous prolonged  voltage conditions such as wiring faults, accidental connection to 240V,  or brownouts.
  • Power Sequencing: Complex audio/video systems may be susceptible to  voltage transients generated internally at start-up/shutdown if all  the equipment is powered on or off at the same time. This can cause  speaker "thumps" which are not only annoying but can also damage  speakers. The S-5500 is designed to eliminate these transients by providing a "start-up"  delay for amplifier outlets and a "shutdown" delay for other equipment.
  • Broadband Data Line Protection: Many do not realize that during a  lightning storm, a catastrophic voltage surge can pass to your equipment  not only on your power line, but on any electrical, signal, or data  line that originates outside of your building. The S-5500 provides surge protection for coaxial, telephone, and LAN (RJ-45)  connections, providing complete protection for systems connected to  these lines.
  • Digital Voltmeter: Digital LED voltmeter indicates incoming line voltage between 90V and 140V.
  • Diagnostic Lights: Indicate when wall outlet is properly grounded  and line/neutral polarity is correct; status of rear panel outlets; and  when there is an Extreme Voltage condition.
  • Isolated Banks: Isolated outlet banks minimize electrical cross-talk  between analog and digital components, as well as providing staged  power-up/power-down sequencing for amplifiers.
  • 15A Rating: Full 15A capacity with circuit breaker.
  • 11 Outlets: Eight filtered outlets in two isolated banks, two  high-current amplifier outlets, and one front-panel convenience outlet.



The S-5500 includes rack ears and removable feet, making it compatible with either  in-rack, shelf, or desktop use. A detachable 10' power cord, two  coaxial cables, and one telephone patch cord are also included.


Don’t let poor AC quality ruin your next session or lose all your valuable gear to a surge. The S-5500 provides peace of mind and optimal performance so you can focus on the  power of your music, not the power coming out of your wall.