Guitar Of The Week:Gibson Acoustic - Advanced Jumbo - The Legendary Pre-War Design!

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Gibson Advanced Jumbo Acoustic Guitar

When Gibson originally designed the Advanced Jumbo model in 1935, they set  out with the goal to create the best-sounding, most powerful flattop acoustic  guitar built to date. Many people today feel that Gibson not only created the  best guitar of that era, but created the ultimate flattop acoustic of all time!  Built upon their round-shoulder jumbo body shape, the Advanced Jumbo utilizes  the very best tonewoods, has a perfectly thought out scalloped X-bracing  pattern, and features a 25-½" scale length to provide greater tone and  power.


Gibson's catalog of 1937 said it best when it accurately described the  qualities of this amazing acoustic: "Do you like a deep, throaty guitar- one  that has a bass so deep, rich, and full that it can be "felt" as well as heard-  and treble that responds to the bass with harmonious singing brilliancy? The new  Advanced Jumbo is that guitar!" Thankfully, Gibson Montana brought back the  Advanced Jumbo in the 1990s after carefully recreating all of the details of a  vintage original. Built by their master craftsmen, this gives new generations of  guitarists the opportunity to own one of most authoritative acoustic guitar  designs ever made, with a tonal richness that is second to none. Order your  Advanced Jumbo today!

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