Guitar Of The Week:Gibson Custom 50th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul

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Gibson Custom

Gibson Custom

50th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul

A Rare Model Featuring Bigsby Vibrato!

This special version of the 50th Anniversary '59 Les Paul conjures up the iconic image of Keith Richards during the early British Invasion. A Bigsby-equipped '59 Les Paul with fine flamed figure was The Rolling Stones guitarist's "go-to axe" for many live appearances that came across the airwaves during the pivotal year of 1965, doing much to bring the awareness of the Les Paul Standard into the consciousness of burgeoning rockers. Many other musicians over the years from jazzers to rockabilly masters have enjoyed the additional flexibility a Bigsby vibrato unit gives. It increases the versatility of the classic Les Paul by allowing emotive expression of wavering pitch and shimmering vibrato with the gentle wiggle of the handle. Many also enjoy the extra sustain and tone-enhancing quality provided by the Bigsby's extra mass and material composition.

Additionally, the Amber Honey Burst finish is extremely rare. Only 15 guitars featuring this special finish were distributed in the United States during the 50th Anniversary year. It is a beautiful hue reminiscent of a wonderful western sunset, with a gentle red-orange that fades into a rich ambered center. We only have a couple of these rare birds left, so don't miss your opportunity to own one of these special Les Paul guitars. Comes with hardshell case and special limited-edition certificate.


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Chris Swope and Scott Weinmann

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Scott Weinmann
Scott is a versatile musician with a degree in music performance. He  has played in bands covering a wide range of styles including rock,  country, classical, and blues. He is also a self-confessed gearhead and  is always glad to give you recommendations based on his vast experience.  If you are trying to track down an instrument that'll create that sound  in your head, Scott's your man.

Chris Swope
Chris is  also a seasoned musician who has played in various bands in Nashville,  Kansas City, and New York City. Chris's other passion is building  guitars and basses. He worked at Sadowsky Guitars for seven years as  production manager and was the primary bass builder there. More  recently, Chris was a craftsman at the Gibson Custom Shop. During his  tenure there, he spent two years in the Pro Shop and four years in  Engineering. Chris has custom-built guitars for celebrities and has  developed his own original designs. He knows great tone and nothing  satisfies Chris more than helping players find the perfect  guitar to  match their musical preferences.