Tech Tip:Having Trouble Strumming

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Scott Targent, Bethany CT


Q: I am having trouble getting a nice flowing sound when I strum. I have your “Beginner Learn Rock Guitar" series and I think it is awesome. I’ve learned a ton but I just can’t seem to get my strumming to flow. Do you have any advice that can help?


A: There are several techniques that can help you sound like a rhythm master. First and foremost, you must keep your strumming hand, arm, and shoulder loose and relaxed. When concentrating on a new song progression, most people have a tendency to stiffen up and this makes the sound very choppy.


Make sure to have your guitar neck tilted up at a 30-degree angle; this will allow your hand to change from chord to chord easily. I also recommend that you practice standing using a strap as this usually positions your guitar in a more natural fashion.


Lastly, make sure you practice your chord changes. I tell my students to isolate any chord change that gives them a little trouble and go back and forth between those two chords until they can change fluidly. Then, when you put them into the entire progression, there are no stumbles.