Hands-On Review:Hercules MP3 Players for DJs

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The clear market leader

By Winn Keaten
Hercules Marketing Director


Digital Core. Analog Roots.


The DJ Console Rmx is the most comprehensive digital dual mixing deck in its class. The  sleek console includes a number of quality features such as a solid  metal casing with non-slip pads guaranteeing perfect stability, broad  surface, as well as precise and comprehensive controls. The console has  12 rotary dials and 46 push buttons for software browsing, multiple DJ  controls, adding sound effects, loops, moving backwards and forward  within the music tracks. On the face of the DJ Console Rmx you’ll find 2 pitch faders, a crossfader and a fader each for Deck A volume, Deck B volume, and master volume.


The jog wheels are designed to emulate vinyl turntables so that  turning the jog wheel moves the cursor backward or forward within music  tracks to select the cue point where playback will start for the  audience. Cue points can also be used to add effects to music playback  such as instant speed up, instant slow down, and scratching.  The jog  wheels can be adjusted for more or less resistance. The console also  offers adjustable accuracy: mix with jog wheels set at their default  accuracy, or divide it by 2 or 4.


The DJ Console Rmx has a built-in audio interface with 4 inputs and 4 outputs. 2 stereo  audio inputs and 2 pairs of dual RCA connectors allow the DJ to replace  the computer audio track played on deck A with the music played on  inputs 1-2, and replace the audio track on deck B with the music played  on inputs 3-4.


Microphone and headphone jacks are available on both the front and top of the unit. The DJ Console Rmx ships with Virtual DJ 5 DJC Edition and you can easily map the unit to  any MIDI-controlled DJing software. It’s compatible with both PC (1GHz  CPU or higher / 512MB RAM)  and Mac (1.5GHz CPU or higher / 512MB RAM).   A black padded shoulder bag for easy transport is included.


All-in-one mixer for DJs on the go…


The DJ Console MK2  is a portable, all-in-one twin deck DJ mixer with internal audio  customized to play, mix, and create DJ music on a PC or a Mac. It  supports most digital music formats including MP3, CD-Audio, and more  (WMA, WAV, and AIFF in Mac). It's loaded with everything you need to  host great parties or record DJing performances. Smaller and lighter  than the DJ Console Rmx,  it’s ideal for mobile DJing. Just plug it into your computer via the  USB port. The MK2 offers tactile controls for precision mixing with  wheels, faders, and potentiometers. Using the center mini-stick and  buttons is easier than using a mouse and keyboard. The DJ Console MK2  also has advanced audio features, including 2 line/phono inputs to mix  analog and digital formats. A headphone jack allows monitoring the  cued-up next track, or monitoring the mix. The microphone input includes  a talk-over function. The DJ Console MK2 supports MP3, WAV, AIFF files, CD-Audio, iTunes® playlists, and more.


The DJ Console MK2 is available on its own or bundled with Native Instruments’ powerful Traktor 3 LE DJ software. The MK2 also has the ability to work with any software which can be MIDI controlled.

Hercules DJ Control MP3 Portable USB DJ Mixer
Hercules DJ Control MP3 Portable USB DJ Mixer
Hercules DJ Console MK2 Dual Deck DJ Mixer
Hercules DJ Console MK2 Dual Deck DJ Mixer

Keep it Simple


The DJ Control MP3 is also a portable, USB powered dual deck mixer, with high precision  wheels and buttons for DJ mixing.  This is the perfect controller for  beginner or amateur DJs - plug the DJ Control into your laptop and  you’re ready to start mixing.  Auto Beat and Master Tempo buttons allow  you to easily synchronize songs from your playlist.  Intuitive controls  and user-friendly software make mixing fun and instinctive.  Customized  DJing software (Virtual DJ) is also included.


Dance Around the Room While DJing


The Mobile DJ MP3 is the first wireless DJ mixing mini-controller for PC laptops and  desktops.   The 2-deck controller lets you mix, scratch, and synchronize  MP3 and WMA files from your computer’s hard drive and DJ software is  included. Add your personal touch to your music with sound effects and  loops— just like a DJ! It’s totally wireless—feel free to dance with the  crowd and mix at the same time! The Mobile DJ MP3 controls the tracks on your PC via a radio receiver connected to the  USB port of your PC.  It is ultra-compact and lightweight with  dimensions of 6.8" x 6" x 1.2". The unit is powered by 2 C batteries  (not included).


The Mobile DJ MP3 Preview Edition includes a set of wireless headphones. Select and preview your tracks  in the headphones before mixing them. It requires 4 AAA batteries (not  included) and a multi-channel sound card in your PC.