Tech Tip:How Can I Record Audio Into A Computer?

If your computer is a PC, you need a soundcard. If you have a Mac, you can use the inputs on the back. Don't use the mic input, it's intended for speech. If you want to record a vocal or a miked acoustic instrument, plug the mic into a mic preamp (or a mixer with a mic preamp), and connect the preamp to the line input of your soundcard.


An electric instrument can be plugged into a line input directly. Or, you can plug the instrument into a mixer to add EQ and processing, and connect the mixer's output to the soundcard's line in.


As you play or sing, set the input level in your soundcard's utility program. Turn up your instrument's output as high as possible, for a better signal-to-noise ratio. If you're using a mixer, output at maximum volume before distortion. Mute any unused input on the soundcard. Never overload the soundcard's input level; stay below 0 dB, or clipping will result. When all levels are set, record into your digital audio software.


Your soundcard affects the recording quality. Better sound cards have higher bit rates (at least 16-bit), and higher sampling rates (44.1 kHz or better, unless you want a lo-fi sound).


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