Tech Tip:I Have an Old Computer With a Very Slow Processor. Does This Mean I'm Out of Luck When it Comes to Doing Digital Audio?



Actually, you're not out of luck. A lot of the older computers made consolations for the owner's desire to upgrade and expand their system, and very often it's as simple as pulling out your old processor and popping in a new one. On the Macintosh side, companies like Newer Technology and Sonnet make fast G3 and G4 processors for all sorts of models (going all the way back to the early Nubus Power PC's). Many PC companies allow for processor upgrades to faster Pentiums. Best thing to do is to check with one of the companies mentioned or with the company that sold you the computer and find out what kind of processor upgrades they have for your computer. By upgrading your older computer, you can also avoid the hassles getting adapters for any of the current gear you may have. I'll talk more about options for upgrading older computers in a future segment.