Hands-On Review:JBL LSR2300 Series Studio Monitors

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Professional has just become more attainable!

By Peter Chaikin
Director, Recording Broadcast Marketing, JBL Professional

JBL studio monitors are selected by top professionals for accuracy and performance. The new LSR2300 series puts JBL quality and performance within reach of any studio. The new line includes the LSR2325P 5" and LSR2328P 8" biamplified studio monitors and the LSR2310SP 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer. All three models were designed from the ground up, applying JBL’s 60 years of expertise and a range of JBL technologies to achieve an exceptional level of performance at affordable price points.

JBL Linear Spatial Reference Design - In developing the LSR2300 series, JBL applied the same stringent Linear Spatial Reference criteria used in the design of the acclaimed LSR6300 and LSR4300 series to deliver neutral frequency response at the listening position in a wide range of rooms. While most manufacturers take only a single measurement of the speaker on-axis, this doesn’t predict how it will sound in a room. JBL’s LSR design criteria requires 72 measurements yielding more than 1,200 times more data, enabling JBL to engineer a speaker system that sounds right in any room. A trademark of LSR Design is the custom waveguide that ensures superior accuracy and imaging at the mix position.

Custom JBL Transducers - Today’s music styles and production of audio for HDTV and films drives the demand for extended low-frequency response. To deliver this, the LSR2300 series models feature newly developed long-excursion transducers with high-flux motor structures and a custom-tuned port producing deep accurate low-frequency response down to 38Hz in the 8" model and 43Hz in the 5" model. JBL’s custom 1" silk substrate soft-dome tweeter and a meticulously engineered crossover work in harmony with the low frequency driver to deliver smooth response across the spectrum and detail in the critical midrange area.

High Output - Each model in the LSR2300 line produces exceptional sound pressure level (SPL) through the use of high-sensitivity transducers, high-output amplifiers, and careful attention paid to the thermal properties of the system. With JBL’s ingenious ThermoMaster™ design, the low-frequency port doubles as a means of cooling the amplifier output devices. And having survived JBL’s torturous 100-hour power test, the LSR2300 series will play continuously at full rated output without failure.

Pro Connections - LSR2300 models include balanced XLR, 1/4" TRS, and unbalanced RCA input hardware for connection to professional mixing consoles, computer audio interfaces, audio visual equipment, and consumer audio systems. Two-way models include Low Frequency and High Frequency Trim controls that let you tailor the speaker’s response to preference or room acoustics.

The LSR2310SP Powered Studio Subwoofer - With a high-excursion 10" woofer and a 180-watt amplifier, the LSR2310SP produces deep, powerful bass and extends the low-frequency response of your system into the 20Hz range. The included metal grille protects against potential damage to the woofer when the sub is placed beneath a workstation.

The MSC1 Monitor System Controller

The bulk of today’s production is carried out in rooms with less-than-perfect acoustics. Unless your room was professionally designed, it’s likely your workspace suffers from the effect of Room Modes: low frequency resonance that causes even the most experienced mix engineer to misjudge bass in the mix. The MSC1 Monitor System Controller includes JBL’s highly acclaimed RMC Room Mode Correction Technology that measures and automatically tunes your speakers to your room. As the hub of your system, the MSC1 allows connection of two sets of speakers, a subwoofer, up to three stereo input sources, and drives your headphones with an independent level control. With RMC Room Mode Correction, the MSC1 tackles low-frequency problems to take the guesswork out of mixing. While the MSC1 works with any speakers, the hot setup is an LSR2300 Studio Monitor system with the MSC1.

The Bottom Line:

The new LSR2300 series delivers JBL Professional quality at affordable prices. With LSR Technology and the MSC1 Controller, an LSR2300 Series system will give you great mixes in any room.


Features & Specs:

LSR2328P Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor

  • 8" woofer, 1" silk substrate soft-dome tweeter
  • Frequency range: 37Hz–20kHz
  • Biamplified: 95W LF, 70W HF
  • Maximum peak SPL/1m (each/per pair): 117 dB/123dB

LSR2325P Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor

  • 5" woofer, 1" silk substrate soft-dome tweeter
  • Frequency range: 43Hz–20kHz
  • Biamplified: 55W LF, 35W HF
  • Maximum peak SPL/1m (each/per pair): 112dB /118dB

LSR2310SP Powered Studio Subwoofer

  • 10" long-excursion woofer with Hi-Flux motor structure
  • Frequency Range: 28Hz–800Hz
  • Power Amplifier: 180W
  • Maximum peak SPL/1m: 113dB
  • Selectable crossover settings: 80Hz, 120Hz, External

MSC1 Monitor System Controller Features:

  • Master volume control
  • A/B speaker select
  • A/B/C input source select
  • Subwoofer output with level control and selectable crossover frequencies
  • Adjustable low-frequency and high-frequency speaker EQ
  • Headphone output with volume control
  • Mute control
  • RMC On/Bypass control
  • RMC calibration microphone and MSC1 Control Center software included