Tech Tip:Korg Triton Tune-Up

By Dennis Kambury

Here are a few assorted tidbits to help you make the most of your TRITON experience and keep it in top condition, too.


  • If you don't already have it, get the SCSI option for your Korg TRITON. With that and a ZIP drive, you've got everything you need to store and recall multiple configurations. It's faster than a floppy drive, and offers enough storage space to offload samples, too.

  • Use a hand-held organizer stylus for the touch screen display. Some of the controls are easily hidden by even the most delicate of fingers, and a stylus makes access much easier. You can find styli at your local office supply store.

  • Love that matte silver finish but have a hard time keeping it clean? Try using a soft gum eraser to gently remove smudges and fingerprints. But make sure you keep the crumbly bits out of the buttons!

  • Keep a pair of your mixer's aux buses either permanently connected (or easily patched) to your TRITON's sample inputs. Then no matter what your source - CD, microphone, live instrument, or even another synth - you'll be ready to sample at a moment's notice.

    Over the next few installments of Tech Tips we'll be looking at more synth-oriented ideas to help you get more out of your keyboards and sound modules.