Tech Tip:Learning the Proper Picking Technique

Bobby Crumbley; via the web

Q: I've been making my way through the Advanced Rock DVD when it hit me that I have a tendency to alternate my picking opposite of what is directed in the program's book. For example, instead of picking from the "outside" of the strings (like in "Revenge of the Killer" and "Pivoting #2") with a "Down, Up, Down, Up" pattern, I keep finding myself switching picking direction in the middle of the exercises and picking from between the two strings (the "inside" or " between-the-strings"). Instead of picking "Down, Up, Down, Up" I have this natural tendency to pick "Up, Down, Up, Down."


I've been fighting this to try and pick the way the lesson says to, but, uh... this old habit never says die. Is this a battle I need to struggle with for the sake of the long haul or should I embrace this and run with it as long as it's not interfering with my playing?

By the way, great job, guys & gals with the site, the instructions, the help, everything … great job.


A: If you are getting good results with your picking I would not change a thing. Everyone has a different anatomy and this will determine the fine points of his/her technique. If you were having trouble with attaining speed and accuracy in your playing, I would recommend changing your picking style.

Thanks for the props YOU ROCK!


Hope this helps,
John McCarthy
Rock House