Hands-On Review:M-Audio Torq

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The Future of DJ Technology


As advancements in digital technology continue to propel the  evolution of the modern DJ, only one computer-based program provides the  creative tools and production power to set you apart from everyone  else. In addition to essential cueing, beatmatching, and mixing, M-Audio  Torq software offers unique features that open up a new world of  creative possibilities. M-Audio designed Torq to easily transition  today’s diverse DJ into the world of producing, and subsequently allow  studio producers to perform live. Torq software integrates seamlessly  with multiple hardware options, forming complete solutions that fulfill  the needs of every DJ.


Perform, Mix, Produce, Create


Torq DJ software transforms you into a unique artist, and also  provides easy entry into the world of production. The program combines  exceptional vinyl/CD emulation with a broad assortment of built-in  effects, advanced sampler options, and powerful studio production tools.  So whether you’re DJing for a dance crowd, performing live onstage, or  producing a mixtape, Torq empowers you to explore new musical  possibilities.


Club, Studio, and Airwaves


Torq is the perfect way to create your own style in the club. Torq  combines digital DJ software with a powerful remix machine—complete with  built-in effects processing, MIDI compatibility, a 16-cell tempo-synced  sampler, and support for VST plug-ins. Imagine stacking multiple  effects like delay, flange, and distortion, while tweaking the  parameters via mouse or a MIDI controller like the Oxygen 8 v2 or  Trigger Finger. These devices let you get your hands on every parameter  in Torq, including triggering sound clips and one-shots from the sample  engine. With all these features in one package, Torq is ideal for  spontaneously creating and performing live remixes and mash-ups.


Torq also delivers advanced functionality for studio production  applications. ReWire support lets you use the software’s powerful  built-in effects processing, advanced pitch-shifting, and automatic  beatmatching with digital audio workstations like Pro Tools M-Powered,  Ableton Live, Logic, and Cubase. Torq brings the essential elements of  live performance to the studio—infusing your original music with new  energy.


Today’s DJs use Torq software to revolutionize radio show production.  The built-in sampler is ideal for loading up commercials, sound  effects, and shout-outs. The effects processing and auto-loop  functionality take you beyond simple crossfade transitions without  bulky, expensive outboard gear. When paired with a MIDI controller like  the Trigger Finger, Torq is the perfect replacement for outdated radio  station equipment. From college radio to podcasting to national  broadcasts, Torq makes it easy to deliver cutting-edge content.


All-in-One, Plug-and-Play Solutions


Torq Conectiv is a completely integrated digital DJ system featuring the Conectiv 4 x  4 USB audio interface and Torq software. Conectiv was designed to join  turntables and CD players with Torq software, giving you tactile control  over digital music files. Specially encoded Torq Control Vinyl and CDs provide response that’s virtually indistinguishable from  standard records and CDs. So if you’re ready to go digital but love the  feel of traditional DJ hardware, Torq Conectiv has you covered.


Torq Xponent delivers complete hands-on control of cueing, beatmatching, and  scratching—no need to adjust parameters with a mouse or keyboard. Xponent features a full array of tactile controls, including a built-in X/Y  trackpad that can either replace your mouse or manipulate effects  processing. The 64 assignable backlit keys provide a stunning visual  display, pulsating to the tempo and fluctuating in brightness according  to parameter status. For DJ CD player-style control, Xponent also includes two touch-sensitive scratch wheels for scratching,  speeding up, and slowing down digital files. For the ultimate hands-on  Torq experience, Torq Xponent includes everything a professional DJ needs to perform with a laptop.


The DJ Experience—Redefined


M-Audio’s Torq product line combines digital DJ software with an  unprecedented set of production features—revolutionizing the way DJs  perform live and create original music. By combining bulletproof  hardware technology with stable and intuitive software, Torq systems  provide complete solutions for computer-based DJs. And once you  experience the limitless performance and production options that come  from working with this software, you’ll never go back.


Easily Switch Between Torq and Serato:


M-Audio designed Torq for easy integration with other digital DJ  hardware. This allows you to set up Torq right alongside Serato and  quickly transition between DJs—without interrupting the club mix. Just  follow these steps when using Torq Conectiv:


  • Connect the Thru of Scratch Live to the Input of Conectiv
  • Connect the Output of Conectiv into the DJ mixer
  • Load your first track into Torq


With the Conectiv knobs turned to the right, you will hear output from Torq. With the  knobs hard left, you’ll hear output from Serato—and be able to use both  setups. The audience won’t even notice that you’ve switched over until  you start using Torq’s built-in effects and sampler to spin something  totally original. But hey, isn’t that why you started DJing in the first  place?