Hands-On Review:Modeling Effects System

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Takes Your Guitar Where No Instrument Has Gone Before


DigiTech RP2000Never go on stage with any less than 10 different amplifiers again. The Amp Modeling in the RP2000 includes authentic emulations of 10 of the most popular amps ever used. Each amp model includes two fully programmable amp channels, and accurately produces the same frequency response, slope, tube saturation, and EQ characteristics of the greatest amps in musical history. Switching from a dusty old '57 Tweed to the full shred of a British stack is as quick and easy as pressing a single footswitch. Need acoustic tones on the fly? Switch from the solid sound of your electric guitar to the crisp ambiance of an acoustic guitar in an instant. Eliminate the down time while you switch guitars. The RP2000 includes your choice of two different, fully programmable acoustic models. Can't decide between Les Paul or Stratocaster tones? Make your single coil take on the fat warmth of a Les Paul humbucker or give your humbucker the distinct thin characteristics of a Strat single coil and never switch guitars. The RP2000's Pickup Modeling puts the best of both sounds right at your feet.

Big-Time DigiTech Effects & Talker
RP2000 includes over 25 of the best effects available. Coming from DigiTech, the undisputed leader in effects processing, you'd expect standard effects like a fully programmable Compressor, two types of Wah, Whammy, EQ, Chorus, Flange, Tremolo, Vibrato, Panner, Rotary Speaker, Pitch Shifting, Harmony Processing, Envelope Filter, Digital and Analog Delay, Reverse Delay, and Reverb. However, the RP2000 also includes DigiTech's exclusive new YahYah and AutoYah effects. These are not garden-variety effects. We're talking dual-DSP architecture with true 24- bit stereo processing @ 128 Million Instructions Per Second. There are 64 factory programs and room for storing 64 of your custom sounds. The RP2000 also features DigiTech's popular Talker effect. The Talker speaks for itself, or at least lets your guitar do the talking. By connecting a mic to the XLR jack on the rear panel, your guitar will mimic anything you have to say. Whether you want that classic talkbox sound of the '70s or need the Mr. Robotic characteristics of a vocoder, the Talker won't leave your guitar tongue-tied.

Easy Editing
Creating your own signature sound or copying the tone of your guitar hero has never been easier. Nine Matrix buttons provide instant access to over 25 different effects and their parameters. The six charcter alphanumeric display and two-digit numeric display clearly provide all programming information without using endless editing menus. Dialing-in your exact sound is quickly accomplished with the Data Wheel. Then just store it in one of the 64 user programs and you can recall it when the music demands. The
RP2000 also comes equipped with an expression pedal that's more than just a wah or volume pedal. You can assign it to fade in the amp gain, change your delay time or any other parameter you can think of. Rocking the pedal back and forth will change the value of the parameter between the minimum and maximum values you selected. You can override the pedal assignment on the fly by applying extra pressure to the V-Switch (under the toe of the expression pedal) which kicks in the wah or Whammy.

Click to EnlargeEquipped with Powerful Practice Tools
RP2000 has some cool practice features. The Learn-A-Lick function records a 10-second passage from your favorite tape or CD and plays it back as slow as 1/4 speed with no change in pitch. This powerful teaching tool allows you to learn solos note for note, and at your own pace. There's also a rhythm trainer that's great for improving your timing, rehearsing different musical styles, or just jamming when your drummer is out studying for his MBA. The rhythm mode plays sampled drum patterns in an infinite loop allowing you to choose from 40 different patterns, change tempo, and adjust the volume level. The drum samples are mixed with your guitar signal at the left, right, and headphone outputs, and optional at the Digital Output.

Digital Output for Seamless Recording
RP2000 includes a digital S/PDIF output which eliminates multiple analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions when recording digitally. The digital output connects directly to the S/PDIF input on your digital mixer or recorder. You can even deliver the dry signal straight from the Amp Modeling (without effects) to the digital output, and monitor your playing with effects through the analog outputs of the RP2000 simultaneously.

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RP2000 Today If you're looking for a true 21st century effects processor with full modeling, editing, effects, and pedal, the RP2000 is it. And if you're looking for a good deal, Musician's Friend delivers the best.

Features & Specifications:




  • Amp modeling
  • Acoustic modeling
  • Pickup modeling
  • 24-bit processing
  • 250 virtual tracks
  • 64 factory / 64 user programs
  • Talker function
  • Easy editing
  • Expression pedal
  • Learn-a-Lick function
  • Rhythm trainer
  • 24-bit D/A, A/D converter
  • 44.1kHz sampling
  • Guitar inputs & outputs: 1/4" TRS
  • Microphone: Balanced XLR hard wire relay bypass to XLR output
  • Jam-A-Long/Learn-A-Lick: 1/8" Stereo TRS
  • Headphone: 1/4" Stereo TRS
  • MIDI: In & Out/ Thru
  • Digital Output: S/PDIF format with RCA connector
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 kHz +0, -3dB
  • 17.25" x 8.5" x 3" H
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs.