Hands-On Review:Moogerfooger Surf N' Murf

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Surf N' Murf

Guitar World - Moogerfooger MURF MF-105 Analog Guitar Effect

By Christopher Scapaletti


Moog MF-105 Moogerfooger MURF Analog Guitar Effect The name Bob Moog is synonymous with synthesizers. But even in his early Seventies heyday, the electronics innovator was designing gear equally suitable for guitarists, including a parametric EQ and his now legendary 12-stage phase shifter. These days, Moog's company continues to service synth and non-synth players alike with its innovative Moogerfooger effects. The MuRF MF-105 resonant filter is the latest addition to the line, and it's as tantalizingly unique as its siblings.


Unlike a graphic equalizer, which boosts or cuts key frequencies, resonant filters emphasize the harmonics around a frequency's peak, producing creamy, warm tones. The MuRF contains an array of eight resonant filters, each of which is dedicated to a particular frequency and equipped with a slide control to govern the amount of filtering that occurs at its frequency. While setting a graphic eq's sliders flat will, in theory, produce uncolored sound, placing the MuRF's sliders at any level above zero results in rich, liquid resonances at each corresponding frequency. In this respect alone, the MuRF is a powerful tool for dramatic tone sculpting.


But the MuRF does much more. Look above the sliders and you'll see an array of four knobs labeled Animation. This is where the MuRF brings your sound to life. The Pattern control, along with its A-B Bank/LFO switch, provides 24 patterns that, when applied to the filters, automatically increase and decrease their levels and apply envelopes, producing rhythmic variations at a user-definable rate. The Envelope control sets the filters' attack and decay rates, while the mix knob governs the ratio of dry-to-wet signal and the rate knob controls the Pattern speed.


As for the sounds: imagine swirling and ethereal effects similar to a phaser-tremolo combo, as well as cascading filter sweeps, stuttering fuzz effects, analog synth tones and much more. The MuRF's stereo outputs add panoramic drama, and a wealth of controller inputs allow you to adjust the rate, mix, envelope and various pattern functions via optional foot pedals. In addition, those who own other Moogfooger pedals can interconnect them for an even wider array of effects. All in all, it's foogin' brilliant.


LIST PRICE: $449.00

MANUFACTURER: Moog Music, Inc., 554C Riverside Dr., Asheville, NC 28801; (828) 251-0090;