Hands-On Review:NeKo LX5, MiKo LXD, and DBeat PRO Redefine Music Production

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The new standard in professional studio gear

By Matt Presley
Open Labs Product Specialist

The professional audio production instruments from Open Labs are fully integrated, custom configured, and well-equipped to allow you to record and produce music right out of the box. The components that create professional studios have been unified into a single, coherent instrument with keyboard synthesizers, drum machines, audio interfaces, a mixing console and a powerful computer foundation all working collectively. Open Labs puts the icing on the cake by offering industry-leading software programs, thousands of pre-installed sounds integrated for immediate use, and superior support by the Open Labs tech support team.

All-in-one powerhouse

Open Labs instruments are produced with high quality standards and personal attention to detail. As a musician or producer, you only have to open the box and turn your new gear on to begin working with it. Pre-loaded with industry-leading software programs, thousands of sounds, hundreds of effects, and professional audio I/O, you will be creating hits from day one. Open Labs gear is equipped with large LCD touch screens, a BumpMP® drum module, multiple banks of fader and knob controls, gigabytes of memory, terabytes of storage, as well as an ultra-powerful computer core running Windows XP enhanced by Open Labs' music environment. These all-in-one studio powerhouses position Open Labs gear as the most robust and powerful music instruments available.

Pros know best

Professional musicians and producers demand the best. Producers Timbaland, Polow da Don, and Teddy Riley use Open Labs instruments to get the professional sound quality and ease of workflow that they require to produce platinum-selling tracks. The ability to work anywhere in the world on a single piece of equipment helps keep these artists’ work flowing smoothly while creating a recognizable personality in their music. Load your Open Labs gear with the instruments, sounds, and effects that you love, and make it your own!

Professional studio series

Open Labs products come in several distinct form factors to match your personal preferences in a studio setup. By offering production gear outfitted with 61 keys, 37 keys, or zero keys, you can select the Open Labs equipment that best suits your needs. These instruments allow musicians to create tracks and beats easily while also triggering any sound, loop, or sample in real time. Our professional studio series products offer the power and portability needed by producers of all styles.

The Neko LX5 is a 61-key production studio that is designed for music professionals who mainly work in the studio and seldom need to travel with their gear. Capable of being outfitted with up to 4 terabytes of hard drive storage, it’s the "main rig" for your studio.

Moog Guitars Model E1

Top: Open Labs Neko LX5      Bottom: OpenLabs MiKo LXD

Valuable versatility

The MiKo LXD is a 37-key production studio that is ready for the road when portability is required. yet it’s a fully integrated music production solution when needed. Perfect for producers, the 37-key piano keyboard allows composition of beats and music on the fly, with the option to plug in a larger keyboard controller if needed.


The DBeat PRO is a versatile production studio designed for professionals on the go. The DBeat PRO puts all the power of a professional studio into a small, light package that weighs only 20 lb. and is compact enough to fit in the overhead luggage compartment of an airplane. The DBeat PRO does not include a key bed, but it’s capable of being easily connected to any other controller, such as an 88-key controller, an MPC, or another DBeat.