Tech Tip:Pickup Sounds

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The following tips for aspiring guitarists are courtesy of John McCarthy of The Rock House Method, publisher of video lessons for musicians at every skill level.


Dale Jason; Gilbert, AZ



Q: My new guitar has two pickups and I don't know which one to use. Can you give me a brief explanation of how they work?


A: Two pickups is the most common setup for electric guitars. Here is how they work:


The Bridge Pickup is closest to the bridge of the guitar where the strings anchor into the body of the guitar. This pickup usually gets a thinner sound because it captures the sound right as it comes off the bridge; it is commonly call the treble pickup.


The Neck Pickup is closest to the guitar neck and has a warmer sound. It is often used for playing rhythm guitar.


You should experiment with different combinations to find your own signature sound.


Hope this helps!


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John McCarthy
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