Tech Tip:Tablature, Left-Hand Finger Numbers

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Lisa DelGreco; Memphis, TN


Q: I could use some more of your expert advice. I bought a White Lion tab book because I really like Vito Bratta's playing style and wanted to learn some of his riffs.


The problem I am having is the tablature does not show what fingering to use with the left hand. I was wondering if you knew any tips for fingering notes on guitar tablature books.


I don't want to learn something the wrong way. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


A: Yes there is a trick to finding out what finger to use on your left hand. You have to break the solo up in phrases or sections--think of them as sentences or statements. Once you have them separated, find the lowest fret number and line your first finger up with that number, keeping your hand in a one finger per fret line up. The only variable is your second and third fingers on extended stretches; you will have to see what feels most comfortable to you in these situations.



Hope this helps,
John McCarthy
Rock House Method
Guitar Instructor