Tech Tip:Technique - Sweep Picking

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Q: Any helpful ideas for a fast and clean sweep picking? I seem to be missing something in the execution.


A: The technique of sweep picking is very complicated but very impressive to have in your bag of tricks, a well-executed sweep arpeggio will definitely turn some heads!!


The basic idea is to lock the wrist of your picking hand and drag the pick across the strings. Your fretting hand must play the notes in sync with the pick to create a smooth harp-like effect. Most sweep picking is done with arpeggios so having an arsenal of arps is a great help.


It takes some time to get this technique perfected so don't give up quickly, I can remember repeating an "A" major arpeggio over and over for hours and my sister whipping shoes at me telling me to stop because I was driving her crazy!!! Remember repetition is the mother of SKILL.


Hope this helps!

Yours in Music,
John McCarthy
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