Tech Tip:What Are Some Tunings For Slide Guitar?

Some slide guitarists use the standard tuning - EADGBE. It provides a minor triad on strings 1,2, & 3, as well as a major triad on strings 2, 3, and 4. It's good for playing rock.


Most blues players use open tunings, such as open G: DGDGBD, and open D: DADF#AD. Both tunings can be raised up a step, to open A: EAEAC#E, and open E: EBEG#BE. Many of the great acoustic blues players used open tunings, such as Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, Son House, Blind Willie Johnson, and so many others, as well as electric slide masters from Elmore James to Bonnie Raitt.


For more modern styles, any tuning can be used, and there are many alternate tunings you can explore. Here are a couple of slide tunings used by experimental music guitarist Ted Killian: CGDGBD (Ted raises this a half-step on electric guitar), and C#GDGBbD. Explore, and enjoy.


Many thanks to Marty Piter, resident Musicians Friend tech support blues guitar guru, for his help with both this week's and last week's tips on slide guitar.


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