Tech Tip:What Do I Need To Get Started As A DJ?

You need to have a library of music to play (LPs or CDs). You'll also need machines to play your music. Usually, this means a couple of turntables for playing vinyl LPs or a couple of CD players. Turntables have traditionally been used to scratch, backspin, and otherwise manipulate the vinyl like an instrument. Many of today's DJ CD players allow you to achieve these same special effects and tricks with vinyl-like realism. They also give you access to a huge quantity of music, and you can burn your own CDs of songs you want to play. Be sure the turntables or CD players have pitch control.

You also must have a basic mixer, big enough to handle two CD players or turntables. This means at least a two-channel mixer that has some EQ on each channel.

Also, be sure it has a headphone output with controllable volume. When you start out, you can use your home stereo amp and speakers, but later you'll want to get professional units. Lighting equipment is optional, but it adds a lot.