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Signature Model Electric Bass

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You've always wanted to hold down the rhythm just like your heroes, and with a signature model electric bass, you'll be one step closer to making that dream a reality. Their powerful low end will become your powerful low end as you take their signature sound and make it all your own. The beauty of a signature model bass guitar is that it is crafted with the artist's specifications in mind. From vintage and handmade hardware to custom bodies that are sure to turn heads, there is a signature model electric bass with the look and sound that is right for you. You're not someone who prefers style over substance, but half the fun of a signature bass is standing out amongst your peers. Imagine stepping on stage, dressed to kill, with Gene Simmons' AXE from Cort or slaying serious riffs on Tom Araya's TA-200 ESP bass. With a signature model, you're going to have a look you won't see anywhere else. Looks can only get you so far, however, and you'll be happy to know that these signature models have substance to back up their style. These basses are crafted from a variety of woods that help produce different tones. The alder wood used on the body of the David Ellefson Jackson bass provides a powerful and even balanced tone, while the dense maple body of Marcus Miller's Fender Jazz Bass V produces prodigious sustain and a bright tone. Equally as important as tonewood is the choice between an active or passive pickup system. If you're looking to replicate Jack Casady's sound from his Jefferson Airplane days, then the passive pickups on his Epiphone are perfect for you. Meanwhile, the active pickups on Billy Sheehan's Attitude 3 from Yamaha offer incredible low end and clear highs. In the end, your personal preference will be the deciding factor in finding the right pickups for you. We all have our musical heroes. From jazzmen to metal heads, every musician has a certain sound and tone that they love. With these signature model electric bass guitars, you're able to harness your heroes sound and put your own unique stamp on your favorite grooves.