EZ Dupe Single Target DVD Duplicator   

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Easy to use, lightweight, and portable!

Just place the disc you want to copy and a blank disc into the standalone EZ-Dupe Single Target DVD Duplicator and the process will begin automatically. At full speed, the standalone Single Target DVD Duplicator will burn approximately 10 - 4.7GB DVDs at 16X or 30 - 650MD CDs at 52X per hour. Plus there's no cool down period between runs. The Single Target DVD Duplicator is extremely easy to use, thanks to an intuitive LCD display, automatic self-diagnostic test on boot up, and automatic recognition of source disk formats. Also features an HDD partition system to create partitions for CD images and copy, test, verify, and compare functions. Supports DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DL DVD blank media formats.


  • Burn approximately 10 - 4.7GB DVDs at 16X per hour
  • Burn approximately 30 - 650MB CDs at 52X per hour
  • Supports DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DL DVD blank media formats
  • Automatically performs a self-diagnostics test upon boot up
  • No cool down period between runs
  • Duplicator will automatically recognize format of source discs
  • System is upgradeable via firmware
  • Copy, test, verify, and compare functions available
  • Intuitive user-friendly LCD display
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