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Using a slide to play your guitar really makes your instrument sing. The signature resonance and greater sustain using a slide allows, gives you even more versatility with your playing style. Whether you’re playing with a slide guitar or a standard option, you can easily learn how to use this handy accessory. Guitar slides historically were used in a lot of rhythm and blues music beginning in the 1920s. The blues revival of the 1960s brought guitar slides back in a big way with bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the Allman Brothers using them frequently in their arrangements. Slides were an easy way to alter a guitar’s sound and add a unique tone to these blues heavy rock songs. Any type of guitar can pretty much handle a slide. As such they are categorized by material. Glass slides, like the Dunlop Blues Bottle Wall or the Dunlop 202 Pyrex slide, are constructed of the original material used for slides. Given that, they give you a classic bluesy tone that is strong and even. If you’re looking for something a bit brighter, a brass slide like the Dunlop Eric Sardinias or the Solid Brass Slide will easily fit the bill. The metal on metal creates a vibration that is really distinct. If you’re looking for a fuller sound, a ceramic option like the Rocky Mountain Slide Shavano or the Clayton Pork Slide can give that to you. The softer ceramic surface is a bit more fragile but produces a truly unique and warm tone. For anyone wanting a great middle of the road option, metal slides are the ideal choice. From chrome to steel, metallic slides like the Peaceland Stainless Steel Guitar Ring or the Dunlop 220 Chromed Steel have a bright sound and a lightweight making them a great starting point for blues guitarists. Incorporating a slide into your practice can greatly widen your musical abilities. A simple accessory like this that creates such a unique sound only gives you more options to truly experiment and try out new styles of music.