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Snare Drum Springs & Parts

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The crisp snap of your snare drum is the most consistent and classic tone you can bring to your performance. Keeping the precision of your attack as fresh as they day you bought your snare is crucial to a tight sound. Snare drum strings and parts allow you to customize your beat and keep your favorite instrument sounding as good as new. Strand strainers absorb an incredible amount of vibration. With every beat, the strainers pulsate giving you the familiar sound that is so prevalent in most rock drumming. Over time, heavy drumming can cause the standard strainers to need a little TLC. A simple replacement strainer can easily tighten your snares response and brighten up your overall sound. Customizing your sound is even more attainable with some unique hardware options available. The snare throw-off from Trick Drums helps avoid any unwanted buzz that is caused by your snare strainers hitting the drum. Being able to adjust and configure your strainer tension allows you to either sport some extra trashy buzz or blast a clean attack. When you have the power to make this simple adjustment, you can easily customize your snare on a song by song basis. Attaining accurate tuning is always in your best interest. The time and energy you spend on perfecting your signature sound can sometimes wear down your drum hoops. Installing a fresh hoop like the metal Gibraltar Power Batter or the wooden Gibraltar Batter Side Hoop can easily bring you closer to finding perfect tuning. With all of the impact you give your kit, it's beneficial to have an extra on hand in case you hear your attack kicking out of tune. Having extra hardware on hand ensures your performance is in perfect tune. When a lug screw goes flying after a solo, you'll want to reach into your trap case, spin ‘er on and get back to doing what you do best. Everything, right down to the last screw, affects your overall sound. It's ideal to be prepared since you never know where the music will take you.