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Music Man Solid Body Electric Guitars

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Music Man is a name known throughout the music industry for their instantly recognizable style and sound. Part of the Ernie Ball family, every solid body electric guitar crafted by Music Man has been designed to do one thing: ring out beautifully with every note played. With a number of guitar series to choose from, each offering something totally unique, there is definitely a Music Man guitar out there with your name on it. So what are you looking for in a Music Man solid body electric guitar? If you’re looking to rock out on the same guitar the pros do, you’re going to want to check out the Silhouette Special HSS Tremolo Electric Guitar. Featuring an alder body with a high-gloss finish, DiMarzio custom single-coil and custom humbucking pickups for an incredible tone, and the Music Man "Silent Circuit" that reduces hum, you’ll love this guitar in all its vintage glory. If you’re looking for something with a bit more flair though, you should also spend some time with the Reflex, Axis and Armada Series; they’re all game changers in their own right. With the professional-grade selection found here, regardless of your choice you’ll be getting one heck of a guitar.

Music Man even features a full line of signature series guitars, with input coming directly from the artists themselves. Instruments like the Deep Purple guitarist’s Steve Morse Y2D Guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo Purple Sunset and Steve Lukather’s Luke III HSS Electric Guitar Roasted Neck are the exact models the artists that endorse them use on stage. Made of the highest quality materials and with a tone that’s simply unparalleled, there’s no better way to sound like the guitarists you strive to play like.

Some of music’s biggest names have rocked out on a Music Man solid body electric guitar, further adding to the legendary status of their instruments. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, John Fogerty, Johnny Hiland, John Petrucci of Dream Theater, and so many more have all used a Music Man on stage or in the studio. If you’re serious about picking up a Music Man electric guitar, you’ll definitely be in good company.