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Solid State Combo Bass Amplifiers

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Solid state bass amplifier combos bring a heavy bass sound to your day-to-day practice pad. The crisp sound offered by solid state components can easily be incorporated into a variety of musical genres. Modern electrical innovations have created a seamless design that allows you to customize your tone and send your bass line through a panel to the state-of-the-art speakers for all to experience and enjoy. The creation of solid state bass amplifier combos came about due to solid state guitar amp combos being constructed with great success. The invention of a tube-free amplifier was exciting for many musicians as it was now much more accessible and cost effective for anyone. Combo amps could be turned down to accommodate the bassist even if they had neighbors close by, making them ideal for jamming at home. These amps are known for having a fresher, more customizable sound than some tube amps. The antiquated construction of a tube amp has limits that solid state circuitry can easily surpass. With the array of channels and tonal adjustments possible due to less complex circuit boards, solid state combo bass amplifiers make experimenting with your signature tone an easy option. The speaker unit of combo amps made practicing the bass guitar so much easier to do. The pre-existing setup was a large cabinet coupled with a bass amp head which was much louder and heavier. Having the speaker included with the amp makes being a bassist much more feasible. For those just starting out, the Pignose Hog 30 Amp or Acoustic B30 combo amp are great choices that allow you to get used to making your own adjustments and creating your own tone. More seasoned players may opt for the Markbass Mini or the Trace Elliot 2x10 for more customizable options and power for their session practice. Whether you're learning the bass or practicing your advanced slap technique, a solid state combo amp is a compact and simple way to exercise your chops. With an easily transportable construction your amp gives you the option to bring out your bass more often. From your buddy's garage to the pub across town, you solid state combo bass amplifier can easily make the trip.