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MF MD HG01 2017 Holiday Gift Guide 11-12-17

Roundwound Strings

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  1. D'Addario ENR73 Half Rounds Heavy Bass Strings
  2. Top Rated
    Kerly Music 5-String Bass Guitar Strings - Heavy Nickel Plated
  3. Price Drop
    Ernie Ball 2734 Cobalt Super Slinky Electric Bass Strings
  4. Rotosound RS66LH Bass Strings Long Scale
    Rotosound RS66LH Bass Strings Long Scale
  5. Cleartone Nickel-Plated Light Electric Guitar Strings .10 - .46  2-Pack
  6. Top Rated
    DR Strings Lo Rider MLH-45 Medium Lite Stainless Steel 4-String Bass Strings
  7. Top Rated
    Warwick Yellow Label Nickel Medium 5-String Bass Strings
  8. Kerly Music Nickel Plated 5-String Bass Strings Light
  9. Top Rated
    Thomastik PB111 Power-Brights Bottom Medium Electric Guitar Strings
  10. Cleartone EQ - Hybrid Metal Series Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings (11-52)
  11. Cleartone Monster Black Series Light Electric Guitar Strings
  12. Cleartone Monster Heavy Series Nickel-Plated Drop A Electric Guitar Strings
  13. DR Strings Phosphor Bronze Medium Mandolin Strings
  14. D'Addario NBM11541 Nickel Bronze Medium-Heavy Mandolin Strings (11.5-41)
  15. D'Addario NBM11540 Nickel Bronze Custom Medium Mandolin Strings (11.5-40)
  16. Top Rated
    Kerly Music Kerly Wicked Wire NPS Electric 8-String 10-74
  17. Thomastik IN111 Superalloy Elektric Guitar Strings Medium
  18. D'Addario EPS520 ProSteels Super Light Electric Guitar Strings
  19. D'Addario NBM1038 Nickel Bronze Light Mandolin Strings (10-38)
  20. Kerly Music Kerly Wicked Wire NPS Electric Light 9-42
  21. DR Strings DSE-11 Dragon Skin Coated Heavy Electric Guitar Strings
  22. D'Addario EXP12 Coated 80/20 Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings - 10 Pack
  23. Top Rated
    Thomastik EB345 Medium-Light Power Bass Roundwound 5-String Bass Strings
  24. Top Rated
    Thomastik JR344 Scale Roundwound 4-String Jazz Bass Strings
  25. 10% off with code
    Black Diamond Medium Gauge Black Coated Roundwound Long Scale Bass Strings
  26. 15% off with code
    DR Strings Lo Rider MH6-130 Medium Stainless Steel 6 String Bass Strings .130 Low B
  27. 25% off with code
    DR Strings Sunbeams NMR6-130 Medium 6-String Strings Bass Strings .130 Low B
  28. 25% off with code
    D'Addario EXP17-3D Coated Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings 3-Pack
  29. 20% off with code
    D'Addario ENR71S Half Rounds Light Bass Strings
  30. DR Strings Lo Rider LH5-40 Light Stainless Steel 5-String Bass Strings
  31. 15% off with code
    Ernie Ball 3833 Coated Bass Strings - Hybrid Slinky
  32. 10% off with code
    Ernie Ball 3834 Coated Bass Strings - Super Slinky
  33. 15% off with code
    Dunlop Nickel Plated Steel Electric Guitar Strings Heavy 6-Pack
  34. Price Drop
    DR Strings Lo Rider MH6-30 Medium Stainless Steel 6-String Bass Guitar Strings .125 Low B
  35. Thomastik BB111 Extra Light Jazz BeBop Guitar Strings
  36. Cleartone Dave Mustaine Signature Live Set Electric Guitar Strings (10-52)
  37. DR Strings DDT-10 Drop Down Tuning Medium Electric Guitar Strings 3-Pack
  38. Price Drop
    GHS Boomers Long Scale Plus Medium Light Bass Guitar Strings
  39. Fender 70L 80/20 Phosphore Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light Gauge 12-52 (3-Pack)
  40. Fender 70XL 80/20 Phosphore Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 3-Pack, Extra Light Guage 10-48
 Matching Products
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With their bright sound, and ability to produce a wide array of tones, roundwound strings are a mainstay in modern music. For this reason, roundwound strings are offered by all of the popular stringed instrument brands. And whether you're a budding singer-songwriter or an experienced metal shredder, you can bet that an exceptional set of roundwound strings can be found right here.

You don't need to be a musical virtuoso to understand how important string quality is to the resulting tone of your instrument. The simple truth is that when you're equipped with strings that are crafted with meticulous attention to even the smallest detail, you can spend less time worrying about if they will break, and more time on honing your craft. From Elixir and GHS to Ernie Ball, Martin and more, these companies specialize in roundwound strings for all kinds of instruments, including guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, and ukuleles.

You'll find a wide range of top-selling roundwound strings within this selection, and Musician's Gear electric guitar strings are a superb choice. Made from American nickel-plated steel wire and wrapped around platinum hexagon steel cores, Musician's Gear electric guitar strings are a perfect blend of accurate intonation, pristine clarity and extraordinary staying-power. For bass guitarists, check out the Rotosound RS66LD Swing 66 long scale bass strings. A string set that's consistently preferred by the greatest bass players of all time, Rotosound's incredible roster of legendary bass players includes Cliff Burton, Phil Lynott, Paul McCartney and plenty of others.

Since you've put the time and effort into learning a skill that can be enjoyed with others, you deserve to showcase those talents on a set of roundwound strings that were designed with your ambitions in mind. And rest assured, you'll have no problem doing just that with a set of roundwound strings.
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