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MF MD HG INTL Road Runner 12-29-14

Tama Silverstar

Every drummer knows they are the cornerstone of the band. With the responsibility to keep time for the entire group, it’s imperative you always have the right kit to pound out those steady rhythms. Whether you’ve just made the decision to drum or you’ve been striking the cymbals for years, you can’t go wrong with the unbelievable sound of the Silverstar drum series from Tama. Tama has been using 100% birch construction for their drum kits since the 1970’s. As the first major drum company to use this method, they now have over 40 years’ experience in the production of solid-sounding, full-bodied instruments. The Tama birch tradition continues with the Silverstar line.

Tama Silverstar brings a lot to the stage with their uniquely-designed drum features. Besides the all-birch shell construction mentioned above, these drums feature a Star-Mount suspension system that increases the resonance of the drums. Four contact points suspend the drum without touching the shell, giving off maximum sound and the coolest, clearest tones. These drums also come with newly-designed low-mass lugs. They allow the drums to fully vibrate because they make minimal contact with the surface of the shell. One last thing to consider is the slide tom holder. The MTH905N double tom holder lets your move your drums forward or backward using a key to adjust the locking tension bolt. You can adjust your drums to the perfect setting in seconds, giving you more time to concentrate busting out killer beats.

Drummer George “Spanky” McCurdy swears by his Tama Silverstar Hyper-Drive limited edition drum set. He’s toured the world many musicians in the last few years including Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Lady Gaga, all with his Silverstar set in tow. What blew his mind most was the option of the Hyper-Drive sizes. These Hyper-Drive shells are shallower and wider than a typical shell and give off a punchier, more focused sound. As one of the first drummers to try this limited edition Silverstar set, he says he will never play another kit unless it’s Hyper-Drive kit.

With a vast variety of kit options to choose from, Silverstar drums work exceedingly well with all genres of music. From a sold-out metal show to an outdoor acoustic set, Silverstar drums consistently give you a versatile sound that’s perfect for any musical endeavor.
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