Guyatone Mighty Micro VTm5 Veri-Trem Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal   

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Delivers everything from subtle pulses to helicopter chop in a compact stompbox.

The Guyatone Mighty Micro VTm5 Veri-Trem is a guitar effects pedal that expands on the sounds of Guyatone's popular VT-3 pedal. The Veri-Trem takes vintage tremolo tones to the next level. Boasting a lower noise floor thanks to improved component quality, the Veri-Trem Mighty Micro also offers an adjustable output level for the effect. Adjust your tremolo level to suit your taste, from unity gain up to a 6dB boost.

The Guyatone Mighty Micro Veri-Trem also features selectable sine, triangle, or square oscillator waveforms, for a wider variety of tremolo effects from extremely subtle pulses to extreme helicopter chop. Sculpt any of these sounds further using the Veri-Trem pedal's hi-frequency roll-off control, for a palette ranging from bright stabs to shadowy throbs.

The Guyatone Mighty Micro Veri-Trem effects pedal offers a wide selection of classic and modern tremolo tones in an ultra-compact, space-saving stompbox.


  • Level: Adjusts output level when effect is engaged. At 12 o'clock, level is roughly equal with bypassed signal. At 5 o'clock (full), level is roughly 6 dB louder than bypass signal.
  • Intensity: Adjusts Depth (intensity) of tremolo effect. Turn clockwise to increase effect intensity.
  • Speed: Adjusts Speed of tremolo effect. Turn clockwise to increase speed.
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