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Peavey Unpowered PA Speakers

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Every first-rate stage or studio setup requires equally outstanding supporting gear. Unpowered speakers from Peavey can make the difference between good and phenomenal sound quality. With a second-to-none reputation for innovative design, quality and reliability, Peavey is in the business of putting musicians first. Offering over 2,000 different products ranging from instruments, amplifiers, software and audio equipment, Peavey has something for everyone in the music field. If you're in the market for a lightweight, highly portable unpowered speaker though, look no further than this impressive catalog of options.

Founded in 1965, and providing sound solutions all over the world, Peavey holds the belief that "in order to be better, by definition you must be different" and their wide range of unpowered speakers accomplishes just that. Everyone from professional sound engineers and artists, to garage bands and novice musicians can benefit from these products. Speakers come in both powered and unpowered and there is a few subtle differences. They can be paired with other amplifiers and mixers for a more unique customized sound, offering added versatility. They tend to be a bit more lightweight as well and better suited for hanging on wall brackets, making them ideal for musicians who travel a lot.

As you browse this section, take some time to figure out your individual needs before making a decision. If you're in the market for a top-quality set of speakers try the PV215 Speaker pair, with two 15" speakers capable of handling 700W power and 1400W peak power. Rugged, powerful and easy to set up, these speakers pick up and amplify every sound with amazing clarity. Another versatile option is the PR 15 Speaker Pair with stands and cables, offering not only two loudspeakers but accessories for added convenience. Heavy duty and easy to set up, this package offers unbeatable sound and portability.

Ultimately, if you are looking for outstanding sound excellence, rugged construction and portability, you'll find it with Peavey unpowered speakers. Trusted by professional musicians and seen on stages all over the globe, Peavey equipment gets the job done right.