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Selmer Paris Series III Model 64 Jubilee Edition Tenor Saxophone 64JS - Silver Plated

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The Jubilee Edition saxophones replace the standard Super Action 80 Series II and Super Action 80 Series III saxophones. Jubilee Series instruments a...Click To Read More About This Product

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  • { "name": "64JGP - Gold Plated", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 12-18-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "12-18-2018", "price": 23129.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "23,129", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 32115.00, "salePrice": 23129.00, "listPrice": 23129.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "savingPercent": "27.98", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH73245000001000", "displaySku": "H73245 000001000", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H73245000001000_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"185,032", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"9703150191762", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "64JA - Sterling Silver Body and Neck", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-22-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-22-2018", "price": 16039.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "16,039", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 23563.00, "salePrice": 16039.00, "listPrice": 16039.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "savingPercent": "31.93", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH73245000003000", "displaySku": "H73245 000003000", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H73245000003000_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"128,312", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"5558387011316", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "64JS - Silver Plated", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-22-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-22-2018", "price": 9629.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "9,629", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 13386.00, "salePrice": 9629.00, "listPrice": 9629.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "savingPercent": "28.07", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH73245000005000", "displaySku": "H73245 000005000", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H73245000005000_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"77,032", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"4025114032574", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "Matte Lacquer (64JM)", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-22-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-22-2018", "price": 9129.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "9,129", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 12645.00, "salePrice": 9129.00, "listPrice": 9129.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "savingPercent": "27.81", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH73245000002000", "displaySku": "H73245 000002000", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H73245000002000_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"73,032", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"3857662233275", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "64JBL - Black Lacquer", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-22-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-22-2018", "price": 9129.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "9,129", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 12645.00, "salePrice": 9129.00, "listPrice": 9129.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "savingPercent": "27.81", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH73245000004000", "displaySku": "H73245 000004000", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H73245000004000_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"73,032", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"3857662233275", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }
  • { "name": "64J - Lacquer", "status": "backorderable", "statusText": "Back Order", "inventoryText": "Reserve now - Ships 06-19-2018", "inventoryKey": "available_date", "availableDate": "06-19-2018", "price": 8539.00, "currencySymbol": "$", "formatedIntegerValue": "8,539", "decimalValue": "0", "isOnSale": false, "msrp": 11861.00, "salePrice": 8539.00, "listPrice": 8539.00, "isPriceDrop": false, "savingPercent": "28.01", "promos":["freeShipping","flexibleFinancing","guarantee"], "warranty": true, "freeWarrantyAvail": false, "sku": "site1skuH73245000006000", "displaySku": "H73245 000006000", "serialized": false, "shipsFree":true, "condition": "New", "priceVisibility": "1", "scene7SetID": "MMGS7/H73245000006000_MEDIA_SET", "currencySymbol": "$", "freeGiftWarning":false, "freeGiftWarningTips":"", "isShipsInternational": false, "pdpLoyaltyPoints":"68,312", "pdpLoyaltyPointsMultiplier":"1", "checksum":"3578257328547", "restrictionType":"", "restrictionError":"" }


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A quick, fluid, tenor with elegant embellishments.

The Jubilee Edition saxophones replace the standard Super Action 80 Series II and Super Action 80 Series III saxophones. Jubilee Series instruments are more aesthetically elegant and offer redesigned features that are lighter and more responsive. The Selmer Paris Series III Model 64 Jubilee tenor is quick, fluid, and gives you all the sound you can handle in a sleek, elegant package.

The Super Action 80 Series saxophones have been the professional choice for a generation and continue to be the most popular professional saxophone in the world. The reasons are clear: they all possess a flexible but centered tone that is natural in almost any playing situation. Yellow brass body tubes and keys resonate across the entire timbre spectrum: full-ribbed construction enhances their durability. The Series' superior intonation characteristics make these saxophone a natural choice for any professional or those who aspire to be.

1885-2010 Selmer celebrates its Jubilee!
125 years of experience have enabled Selmer Paris to create the acoustic and aesthetic alchemy of the saxophone and become the main architect of its evolution. With the jubilee celebration saxophones, Selmer lays the foundation for a new visual identity of the instrument, while keeping intact its sound conception and the creativity of its ergonomics.

In keeping with the French jeweler's tradition, the new engraving is thinner
thanks to an new outline technique, comes to decorate the bell and the bow, doubled on the bell-to-bow ring by the original signature of the Founder, Henri Selmer. A new lacquer optimizes the quality of the play of light through shades of "gold" tone in the instrument's reflection.

The neck key is redesigned through a lighter mechanism and subtly thinner outlines, thus becoming more elegant. In order to fulfill this new visual balance, the geometry of the "S" neck is imperceptibly modernized on a deep blue background even more recognizable.

The new "S125" Anniversary mouthpiece gives a final touch to the aesthetic dynamics of the instrument, including a brass ring that optimizes the acoustic resonance potential of the instrument.

A redesigned octave neck key has a lighter mechanism and subtly thinner outlines
The S125 Anniversary mouthpiece has a square tone chamber and an arch shaped bore for dynamic aesthetics and an optimized acoustic resonance
Gold tone lacquer offers more warmth and presence
A new style of outline engraving highlights a thinner, more elegant and elaborate design from the bell to the bow, with Henri Selmer's signature on the connecting ring.
The bow-to-bow ring displays the original signature of Henri Selmer
100% French manufactured
The included accessory kit features the latest Selmer Paris top-of-the-range accessory line including strap, swab, cloth, and cork grease

Order the professional's choice with elegant appointments!

Model: Jubilee Series III Model 64 tenor saxophone
Acoustics: Series III body style
Neck: Series III bore
Range: high F# key
Construction: mini-ribs
Brass: brass alloy
Mechanism: compact key positioning - closer to the body anddirectly under the hand
Mouthpiece: S125 Anniversary
Table (opening/length): 1.80mm/25mm (0.070"/ 0.98")
Front F Key: spatula
Left-hand thumb rest: plastic
Right-hand thumb rest: metal, adjustable
Adjusting screws: high E & F, low B table key, G# key, F#/G# lug, F#/G# adjusting bar, low C#, low B, side C, side Bb
Pivot screws: tapered
Needle springs: blued steel
Pads: treated kid leather with metal resonators - projection
Finish options: honey gold lacquer (64J, matte lacquer (64JM), black lacquer (64JBL), silver-plated (64JS), gold-plated (64JGP), sterling silver (64JA)

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