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50 dollar cash back on select pearl flutes via mail in rebate now through January 15
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  1. Rebate
    P. Mauriat System 76 Professional Alto Saxophone
    Starting at $2,679.00
  2. Best Seller
    Giardinelli GCL-300 Intermediate Clarinet
  3. Best Seller
    Legere Reeds Signature Series Tenor Saxophone Reed
  4. Best Seller
    Allora Student Series Bb Clarinet Model AACL-336
  5. Rebate
    P. Mauriat System 76 Professional Soprano Saxophone
    Starting at $2,599.00
  6. Best Seller
    Akai Professional EWI USB Electronic Wind Controller
  7. Best Seller
    Allora Chicago Jazz Tenor Saxophone Kit
    Allora Chicago Jazz Tenor Saxophone Kit
  8. Best Seller
    Patricola Cl.1S Eb Clarinet
    Patricola Cl.1S Eb Clarinet
    Starting at $3,275.00
  9. Rebate
    P. Mauriat PMSS-2400 DK Curved Soprano Saxophone
    Starting at $2,549.00
  10. Best Seller
    Andreas Eastman Oboe Reeds
    Andreas Eastman Oboe Reeds
  11. Best Seller
    Bundy BPC-300 Piccolo
    Bundy BPC-300 Piccolo
  12. Best Seller
    e-Sax Practice Mute System for Alto Saxophone II
  13. Rebate
    Yanagisawa Model SC-991 Curved Soprano Saxophone
  14. Best Seller
    Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds, Box of 10
    Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds, Box of 10
  15. Best Seller
    Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet
    Backun Alpha Bb Clarinet
    Starting at $910.00
  16. Top Rated
    Fibracell Premier Synthetic Alto Saxophone Reed
    Starting at $11.99
  17. Top Rated
    Selmer Paris S80 Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece
  18. Best Seller
    Giardinelli Bass Clarinet 2 Piece Body
  19. Best Seller
    Allora AAFL-229 Student Series Flute Model
    Open Box From:
  20. Rebate
    Pearl Flutes Quantz 665 Series Flutes
  21. Best Seller
    Theo Wanne GAIA Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
    Starting at $725.00
  22. Top Rated
    Legere Reeds Signature Series Soprano Saxophone Reed
  23. Top Rated
    Rico Royal Alto Saxophone Reeds
    Rico Royal Alto Saxophone Reeds
  24. Best Seller
    JodyJazz DV Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
    JodyJazz DV Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
  25. Best Seller
    Yamaha YFL-482 Intermediate Flute
    Yamaha YFL-482 Intermediate Flute
    Starting at $2,089.99
  26. Top Rated
    Rico Royal Bb Clarinet Reeds, Box of 10
    Rico Royal Bb Clarinet Reeds, Box of 10
  27. Top Rated
    Rico Royal Tenor Saxophone Reeds, Box of 10
  28. Best Seller
    Gemeinhardt Model 4PMH Piccolo
    Gemeinhardt Model 4PMH Piccolo
  29. Top Rated
    Vandoren V12 Bb Clarinet Reeds
    Vandoren V12 Bb Clarinet Reeds
  30. Best Seller
    Selmer Model 122F Intermediate Oboe
    Selmer Model 122F Intermediate Oboe
  31. Top Rated
    Akai Professional EWI4000S Electronic Wind Controller
    Open Box:
  32. Best Seller
    BURKART Resona Grenadilla Wood Piccolo
    Starting at $2,560.00
    Open Box:
  33. Top Rated
    Protec Neoprene "Less-Stress" Neck Strap For Alto / Tenor / Baritone Saxophone
  34. Best Seller
    Yamaha YFL-322Y Intermediate Flute
  35. Best Seller
    Prelude by Conn-Selmer Prelude by Conn-Selmer TS711 Student Model Tenor Saxophone
  36. Best Seller
    JodyJazz Super Jet Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece
  37. Best Seller
    Yamaha YFL-422Y Intermediate Flute
    Open Box:
  38. Sale
    Azumi AZ3 Flute
    Azumi AZ3 Flute
    Starting at $2,179.00
    Open Box:
    On Sale Now!
  39. Best Seller
    Stradella Oboe Reed
    Stradella Oboe Reed
  40. Best Seller
    Theo Wanne DURGA3 Metal Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece
 Matching Products
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Hot Products

The world of woodwinds is a varied and exciting place filled with a wide range of instruments, both with and without reeds, which can produce very different sounds. Popular among students and classical players as well as jazz and even pop musicians, woodwind instruments are extremely versatile, yet each has different strengths and sounds. Single reed and double reed instruments both use cut reeds made from cane or synthetic materials that vibrate against the mouthpiece or each other to produce sound, while the reedless woodwinds use no moving parts, just air, to produce a much different tone.

The single reed instruments are perhaps the most popular woodwinds and can add a bright, woody dimension to a concert band, jazz ensemble and more. Both are available in multiple variations to achieve different ranges, but B-flat clarinets and the tenor and alto saxophone are the most popular. Clarinets offer an impressive pitch range, while the saxophone is generally used in a larger variety of musical styles.

Double reed instruments have a throatier timbre that was perhaps best described by American playwright Tony Kushner as what a duck would sound like if a duck were a songbird. The oboe and bassoon are the best-known examples and are available in starter models like the Allora Student Series Oboe, professional models like the Fox Model 601 Bassoon and everything in between, not to mention quality replacement bocals to enhance the response, resistance and tone.

If you're looking for the purest aerophone sound, a reedless instrument is the one class of woodwinds that uses only wind and no moving parts to produce its tone. From the accessible recorder, popular among students, to the more demanding Western concert flute and piccolo, reedless instruments offer a versatile, airy timbre and high range that's common in orchestras, concert bands, world music, jazz and even rock bands such as Jethro Tull, Genesis and The Beatles.

As well as an instrument, a woodwind musician might need a mouthpiece, case, replacement reeds or other care-related accessories, and you'll find them all here, too. Even someone looking for a fun, unique instrument will find what they're searching for in the selection of Akai Electronic Wind Controllers. The huge class of woodwind instruments really has something to offer for every type of musician and every purchase earns Backstage Pass memberrs 8% rewards.

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