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Finding a guitar or bass sound that perfectly reflects your own tastes is easier than you think. In fact, it's as simple as getting to know what's out there in terms of tubes and other amp accessories, and for that, Bugera has more than enough options to choose from. Offering a wide range of parts for guitarists and bassists alike, Bugera's amps, accessories and speaker cabinets are second-to-none, and it's all thanks to their attention to detail and dedication to always making a better product.

Bugera uses a rigorous three step process for testing the tone, stability and durability of all their tubes before they're shipped out. The first is the 48-hour Burn-In test where tubes are pushed to their limits with large sound loads for the equivalent of an entire two days. Next, they are sent to the Vibration Table. The mechanical make-up of the tubes is tested by simulating what an amp goes through when not being used on stage. Travel is tough on your gear, and Bugera is set on making sure yours stays fully functional between gigs. Lastly, the tubes are subject to a ton of computer-controlled tests that grade performance based on 12 operating parameters. If all three tests are passed with 100% efficiency, a tube earns the Bugera seal of approval.

If you're looking to change out a tired tube, a Bugera 12AX7A Preamp tube is the perfect replacement. These tubes are ultra-low noise and offers top-notch distortion for power stage preamps. If more power is your prime goal, the Bugera 5A4R Rectifier Preamp Tube is what you need. These tubes are ideal for musicians using medium and high powered amps because of their low heat dispersion. For more intimate settings, such as studio sessions, Bugera EL84 Matched Power Amp Tubes deliver quick, soft overdrive distortion.

When it's time to repair, upgrade or customize your amp, you can turn it on and turn it up with Bugera accessories. They take a hands-on approach to production; and with their in-house testing and manufacturing, you can be sure you're getting a quality product each and every time.