Catalinbread Montavillian Echo Guitar Effects Pedal

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A massive sounding delay inspired by authentic tube echo.

Spoiled by the various tube driven echo units Catalinbread has around their shop, they wanted the Montavillian Echo to sound and feel just as BIG! So they went all out on the audio path on this thing... They took painstaking efforts to make the dry signal sound and feel better when on, than with the pedal bypassed.

The Montavillian Echo utilizes the PT2399 chip, one of the more common delay chips used in modern delays, however, rather than slavishly following the datasheet, Catalinbread threw it out and ventured out on their own, using their ears to guide them, and what they achieved is a fantastic sounding delay, with a slew of sounds in a small, easy-to-use footprint.


Huge tube echo sound
Utilizes a PT2399 chip
Wide variety of sounds
Small footprint

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