Line 6 ToneCore Dr. Distorto Pedal

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Dr. Distorto has the cure for your wimpy lead tone.

If you're tired of tone lacking sustain and controlled feedback, the ToneCore Dr. Distorto has got the cure. Dr. Distorto has classic, full-bodied distortion tones with incredible sustain courtesy of the innovative harmonic feedback circuit within. No matter what distortion setting you use, you get perfect feedback every time thanks to the Rise, Fall, and Blend controls. The Sustain and Octave controls give you even more options to get the distortion you crave.

ToneCore pedals consist of a ToneDock base--in stereo or mono--and interchangeable effects modules that snap in and out, allowing you to change effects without rearranging your pedal board. The ToneDock is powered by a 9V battery or optional adapter.


  • Classic, full-bodied distortion tones
  • Harmonic feedback circuit maximizes sustain
  • Rise, Fall, Blend, Sustain, and Octave feedback controls
  • Level, Drive, Tone, and Gate distortion controls