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From their ability to transmit data quickly to their daisy chain potential and high bandwidth support, Firewire audio interfaces are preferred by Mac-using music engineers around the globe for obvious reasons. Even in the ever-evolving world of audio equipment, Firewire still plays an important role in both pro-level and home amateur studios. Of course, it's no surprise when you consider that respected companies like PreSonus, METRIC HALO, Focusrite and countless others continue to offer Firewire audio interfaces that are solidly built with the finest components.

The right Firewire audio interface for you will boil down to a few factors, including how much you plan to spend and how many channels you'll require. On the more compact, affordable side of things, there's the PreSonus FireStudio Mobile 10x6 FireWire Recording System. A top-rated item, this portable unit combines the cutting-edge analog-circuit design and platform technology of PreSonus' FireStudio rackmount interfaces with the ability to run on bus power. This means you can have top-notch audio performance and create anywhere you want to bring your laptop.

Now, for all you digital studio wizards who want to make a huge upgrade to your rig with an interface that boasts an extensive range of channels, look no further than the MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid. The advanced design and remarkable sound offered by this interface makes it a favorite among countless sound engineers. It has 28 inputs, 32 outputs, easy front-panel control access, breakthrough audio analysis tools and more. Make the 896mk3 your primary digital hub and you'll notice a huge improvement in the depth and clarity of your music.

Whether you're new to sound engineering or a veteran in the industry, there's a Firewire audio interface here to match your tastes, budget and application. By allowing you to record instruments and vocals to your computer, audio interfaces are essential to your studio setup, so take your time exploring each option. Before you know it, you'll find the perfect Firewire audio interface to bring your recordings to a professional level.