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Known simply as "The Industry Standard", RME are considered the benchmark when it comes to audio interfaces. Innovative, reliable and used by an almost endless list of musicians worldwide, the interfaces found in this section are literally second to none. So if you're a musician who refuses to compromise when it comes to the integrity of your music, you've definitely come in the right place.

To start though, consider what you specifically need in an audio interface to enhance your music making experience. For example, if you're searching for an interface that's also a high-end mixer and signal router, combining everything into one extremely accessible unit, you're going to want to check out the best-selling Fireface UFX. Giving you complete control while you work, it also allows you to record and monitor a huge amount of inputs through software without needing to adjust your setup. Performance-wise, it's the total package.

On the other hand, if you're here for something a little more compact and mobile, pick up the Babyface Silver Edition. Featuring two digitally controlled microphone preamps, two balanced universal inputs and SteadyClock for unparalleled jitter suppression and clock refresh, you're able to take this interface just about anywhere with its bus powered operation. Mini yet mighty, you'll be more than impressed with everything this small interface is capable of.

From there you'll also find a host of other interfaces, all designed to excel in different areas of recording. From internal cards to more robust designs, RME has thought of everything their users might need to make their music.

Leaping into the international spotlight with their high quality and unique vision, RME are company professionals and novices alike continue to turn to. Winning award after award, their focus is still on their customers' experience, designing products that continue pushing limits. And with one of their audio interfaces in your setup, you're sure to notice the difference too.