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When you're putting together a recording setup, TASCAM is a name that belongs at the top of your shopping list. In fact, plenty of their gear is versatile enough to go beyond just recording use, so no matter what sort of pro audio configuration you're assembling, they're definitely worth a close look. TASCAM audio interfaces are a great example of that - anytime you need to 'translate' sound between analog and digital, one of these professional interfaces can get the job done right.

As with any piece of equipment, the right option for you will depend on what your needs are. Some of the hardware here is very specific, like the TASCAM IF-FW/DM mkII 32-channel FireWire Audio Interface. This is an add-on card for TASCAM's DM-3200 and DM-4800 digital consoles, which you can use to make your console into a complete digital workstation hub. Better yet, this interface supports 96kHz/24-bit resolution at the full 32-channel count, so you never have to sacrifice channels for quality.

The vast majority of TASCAM's audio interfaces are standalone models, which are naturally the way to go if you're looking for the most versatility. They can be as simple or as high-end as you like; it just depends on what you need. For instance, check out the UH-7000 High Resolution Interface and Stand Alone Microphone Preamp if you're looking for a real powerhouse to put in your high-end studio. On the other hand, if you'd just like something portable and easy-to-use to pack up with your mobile sound system, a more fitting choice would be the TASCAM US-322 or US-366 USB Audio Interface. They're backpack-sized and laptop friendly, allowing any place to become an impromptu studio in a pinch.

With TASCAM, the simple truth is that nobody knows recording better. And whether or not recording is your thing, if you use an audio interface, you can reap the benefits. The wide variety of TASCAM audio interfaces has something to offer for any sound professional or enthusiast, so no matter what you need your interface to do, one of these units is sure to deliver.