Hartke Bass Amplifier Cabinets

Bass players love their sound to be felt as well as heard, and for that, they need an amplifier cabinet that boasts a hefty amount of low-end volume. Thankfully, Hartke provides a full range of bass amp cabinets that are built to handle a wide variety of bass playing styles. In fact, bass amplifiers and speaker cabinets are what Hartke specialize in most, and since 1984, they've earned the praise of many famous musicians, including Mr. Victor Wooten, David Ellefson of Megadeth, and Mark Mendoza of Twisted Sister.

So which bass amp cabinet would suit you best? A big part of that decision will come down to how much power you crave while maintaining the groove. With that in mind, Hartke offers more than enough options. For example, if it's something compact for smaller-venue shows that you're after, then the XL Series 210XL 200W 8ohm 2x10" Aluminum Cone Bass Speaker Cabinet is what you want. With their carefully calibrated and tuned cabinet design, XL Series cabinets are the go-to choice of many professionals, and this model in particular is versatile, durable, and easy to handle.

On the other hand, if you want to be felt in the chests of everyone in attendance at your next performance, look no further than the HyDrive Series 810 2000W 8X10" Bass Speaker Cabinet. Combining the warm tone of traditional paper cones and the punchy attack of aluminum, this cabinet features HyDrive's patented Hybrid Cone Technology to give you a speaker that's perfect for all bass playing styles. Night after night, you can bet that this rugged, roadworthy 8 x 10" cab will have venue floors shaking like an earthquake.

And between the two items mentioned, Hartke offers plenty of other impressive bass amp cabs too, so feel free to explore every option they have available. After all, when you have a job that requires connecting the rhythm and harmony of your band's sound, the cab you're using needs to be built with careful attention to your needs as a player... and for that, Hartke is a name you can always count on.

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