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To keep your bass sounding as pristine as the day you bought it, it needs to have proper maintenance and care. This also includes changing the bass strings sporadically, even if they have yet to break. When you're ready to bring your bass back up to its original playability and tone, you can bet that Fender bass guitar strings have more than what it takes to keep your bass lines moving and grooving with unadulterated clarity.

With a name like Fender, you know what to expect in terms of quality and durability. After all, Fender's reputation has been built on the impeccable craftsmanship and superior construction of everything they manufacture, and their bass guitar strings are no exception. Whether you enjoy the smooth and mellow tone of a flatwound string or the clear and bright sound of a roundwound, Fender has a bass guitar string set for every playing style and music taste.

Fender's extensive selection of bass guitar strings consists of a myriad of highly recommended options, including the Fender 9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale bass strings. These light-gauge, flatwound strings produce an exceptionally warm tone and truly reflect the legacy of Fender's impressive design innovations, as well as their strong commitment to quality. Another popular set are the Fender 7250M Super Bass Nickel-Plated Steel Long Scale bass strings. Combining the high output and dynamics of steel with the smooth feel of nickel, these strings are remarkably suitable for any genre that requires the bass to cut through, including funk and rock. Fender bass guitar strings are crafted specifically with your aspirations in mind.

Where you're equipped with the best, you can play at your best. This not only applies to the instrument itself, but also to the strings which sit upon it. So regardless of your skill level, you can have peace of mind knowing that the strings you're playing will hold up astoundingly well through countless amounts of thumbing, plucking and slapping.