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There's a lot more to an amplifier setup than its speakers, and the more you perform, the more you'll need to take advantage of all the different aspects of your hardware. Sometimes, that means taking total control over your amplifier's preamp section so that you can do exactly what you want with your sound. And when your setup is based on a Markbass MoMark head, you'll get that customization from Markbass bass preamps. These swappable modules for the MoMark system will give you all the tone-shaping ability you could ask for in a package that's ultra-customizable.

The biggest advantage of Markbass bass preamps is that you can essentially transform your modular MoMark head into a completely different unit for each gig. That means your sound will always be totally under your control. The MoMark system takes three different kinds of module: preamp, EQ and master. Mixing and matching these three units to put together your ideal kind of audio machine is exactly what MoMark is all about. If you've got different instruments, or even different tracks, that are fussy about the kinds of preamp circuits they require for perfect tone, these modules make it possible to swap on-the-fly so the results will always be excellent.

Choosing the right Markbass preamps for your setup is just a matter of deciding what sort of utility and attitude you need to give the amplifier. For example, check out the MoMark EQ44S-HE Bass EQ Module if you like dials on your equalizer, or the MoMark EQ7G Bass EQ Module if you'd prefer sliders. Rather have a flat, untouched signal? Take a look at the EQ0. Need a way to connect an acoustic bass to your amp? Try the MoMark Acoustic In Bass Preamp Module on for size. Want to add a shot of tube-powered character to your sound? The MoMark T1M-HE Bass Preamp Module will get it done.

If there's one thing that deserves a little repetition when it comes to Markbass bass preamps, it's personalization. By giving you the power to mix and match your ideal combination of master, preamp and EQ, these MoMark modules do something that no other amplifier's preamp section can do: they make the whole circuit yours to design, which means that they're the most powerful tool you could ask for to create an amp that's all your own.