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A Breedlove bass guitar is one of the most versatile instruments any bassist can own. Featuring integrated pickups, Breedlove basses can easily be connected to your effects pedals and amplifier. This acoustic-electric design gives you total freedom to play it your way, since the bass can be played unplugged or amplified to deliver classical acoustic sounds, or muted when it's plugged in to function like a traditional electric bass. It's up to you how you want to play a Breedlove bass guitar. The most prolific models available from Breedlove are the Atlas Solo series, such as the JB350/CM4. This fretless bass has a solid top backed by Breedlove's original bracing design incorporating the JLD Bridge Truss system. This Atlas bass is topped with mahogany for the crisp, textured response of a hardwood soundboard and has a body built to concert depth so it can sound powerful even when it's not plugged in. With an included rigid case, the Atlas is a great option for any performing bassist.

If you do your best work in the recording booth, you'll want to check out the Breedlove Studio Bass. Like the Atlas, this instrument is built with Breedlove's proprietary bracing design, including their own bridge truss system which is designed to let up on the top a bit, extracting a little extra sustain and balance from the bass guitar. Combined with the deep jumbo body shape, the result is a bass that delivers beefy resonance and a full, rounded sound that's tuned specifically for studio use.

For novice bassists, the Breedlove Passport Bass guitars are great entry-level choices that give you a ton of performance. They're perfect for students and fast players, with a shorter scale length and a neck design that encourages quick fingering. Passports use the same signature bracing as the Atlas and Studio basses, including the custom bridge truss also found in the Studio Bass. Following the standard for high-end bass guitars, the Passport Basses are made with Sitka spruce tops and mahogany backs and sides to put out a tone that's warm yet clear and projects well. These bass guitars feature active VTC pickups with built-in chromatic tuners that are easy to read thanks to their backlit screens.

Bassists of any level will find plenty to love about Breedlove Bass Guitars. Whether you go for the Atlas, Studio or Passport, these are real players' instruments that are fun to handle and sound great. A winning combination of versatile acoustic-electric design, solid build quality and high-end tonewoods makes Breedlove's basses a top-shelf choice for pros and hobbyists alike.